I've been getting an increase in emails/messages lately asking me all sorts of questions. It is truly flattering to be getting these questions, as I feel like it was only recently that I was the one that had all the questions! I figured doing a Q&A post (or a few) might be a nice way to share the love. These questions all came from a post on my FACEBOOK PAGE. (ps. My facebook page recently reached 3000 'likes' AMAZING. Thank you all for following along). If any of this has been helpful to you, or you have more questions please let me know!

Kim W asks... What kind of camera do you use? I currently use Nikon D700's What is your favorite lens? my 85mm 1.4 It's dreamy. Do you shoot in raw? No. What post production program do you use? Adobe Photoshop CS4 (I need to upgrade just haven't gotten around to it yet) and Lightroom (mainly photoshop)

Suzi asks... What is your favorite type of photo: studio, outdoors, wedding, engagement, babies.....all? I can get jazzed up about all of the mentioned shoots. Lately I have been really excited about newborn shoots. I mean... come on. I love babies. I am the self proclaimed baby whisperer (of other peoples babies) and there is nothing more beautiful than brand new life. I love that weddings allow me to be more journalistic, however, I find that my approach is similar with family shoots as well. Do you do any rituals when you edit (ie: cup of tea, certain music, comfy jammies...what gets you in the "mood")??? I can edit anytime, anyplace. No joke. I'll edit on my laptop anywhere. I instantly zone out everything around and I'm like a ravished animal. I'll ignore everyone and anyone around me (Bryce hates it). Ideally however, I'm at my best if I'm tucked away in my studio surrounded by my favorite old fashioned images of my family (I'll do a post soon of my studio office), and listening to a few songs on repeat. Yup. Repeat. Generally one or two songs repeated. I can be found listening to the same song for 5 or more hours. No joke. Drinking Genmaicha Green Tea or red wine. Depending on the time of day.

Katie asks... Do you have a favorite picture? Many. If we were asking if I could only save ONE image.... I'm not sure I could come up with an answer. I have favorites for sure. Too hard. Can't answer...

Kim asks... How did you learn to shoot? My parents bought me a camera for my grad present. I took photos of everything. I was excited to shoot anything, fairy wings in the graveyard with Heather I photographed my friends, my sister (a lot) and a lot of native art work too. I then ventured to Vancouver to gain a diploma in photojournalism from Ampro Photo Workshops. It was pretty run down at the time, but I spent hours tucked away in a dark room and gained a lot of insight to photography from the program. (I'm pretty sure the school is no longer running). After completing the Photojournalism program I was hired by Princess Cruises as an onboard photographer. The actual photography that you are hired for on ships isn't terribly inspiring... however, I met some of the most talented, inspired and incredible photographers from all over the world. I believe they made me a MUCH better photographer. Take a look at a few of the inspired friends I met at sea... Dave, Stan, Kobi, Kimmie, Kim I, Abri, Irene, Lucy, Caro, Kerry and Paul.

How did you learn photo shop? Courses at school as well as experience on board ships, and self teaching. How did you start your business? Slowly. Almost painfully slowly. I would shoot one or two weddings between contracts at sea. I would shoot friends and family members. When I finally made the choice to say farewell to my days at sea, I contacted a good friend Jeremy. We got my website, logo and business cards rolling and then I started the real work. I photographed a lot for free, to generate some word of mouth, then I charged a bit more. Then I got to work on marketing myself (pre-facebook days) a lot of talking, a lot of business cards dropped off at local businesses where photography would make sense. I dropped off framed prints at the local midwife office, coffee shops, I went out and sold myself. I was always working.

Kacy asks... Do you use the auto focus on the lens or do you shut it off and use the manual focus? I mainly use auto focus, but there are certainly instances where I turn it off and use manual (low light, tricky lighting etc)

Rebecca asks... ‎1. When you're taking photos do you know this is going to be a special moment and a must edit? Usually yes. I tend to get a little excited during the shoot and if I wind up in tears, or close... I know I've got something special. 2. Any photo shoots have some funny moments that stand out or special moments that you have been fortunate to share in? Many funny moments!!! YOU BLOWING YOUR FLIP FLOP in the weeds was pretty hilarious !!!! I was fortunate to share Landon's birth. I feel incredibly fortunate to share pretty much every session I shoot. Cherished moments at weddings, family moments, personal moments, people that I've photographed who have since passed away remind me how important photography is, and push me to treat every session as a true honor. 3. Do you edit right after a shoot or wait to go through the photos at another time. I download and back up the files right away and then usually start editing right away. I am impatient and excited and always need to see results immediately. It's the best part of the shoot. I love editing photos.

Suzi asks... How do you store your photos? Back them up? Do you store backups at a different locations? I'm curious on how to save my digital files incase something happens and my computer dies, etc.?? I use external hard drives. (nothing is saved on my computer) I have one that I work off of "Main", and a back up hard drive in the house, and one backed up in the studio. Ultimately I also like to have a back up at another location as well (because I'm paranoid and stuff happens).

Until next time!