Of Birthdays and Beginnings.

What seems like a hundred years ago (but was more like 15 years ago) two wildly creative souls set out on an afternoon adventure. They, armed with a hand-me-down camera, took to the field with fairy wings, and white dresses... they were on a photo adventure. A creative mission of sorts. Looking to capture beauty, create something interesting, daring to indulge their quirky spirits and somewhat innocently create art. They ventured deep into the forest, a graveyard, the lakes edge, to an old farm... sought out rusted old beat up trucks and broken down barn doors. Dancing in Medieval dresses barefoot in fields, wobbling along logs. They, believing that they were amidst magic continued to ignore every wild look from passing traffic, and laughed until it was obnoxious.

We were 15 years old.

We've been creating images together for 15 years. At first on our own, and then with the births of her three incredible children, more images... more memories... more art.

Our paths in life have been vastly different. But connected non the less. Today is Heathers birthday, and I just can't help but not acknowledge the incredible support and love I have received not only from her, but from her three beautiful children. Throughout the years, I have gained more love, gotten more insight, been so swept off my feet by those three little beings. I can't imagine my life to be as full without all of them in it. I feel incredibly lucky to be able to have them all in my life.

So Heather, Happy Birthday... it may not have been what we expected 15 years ago, but its not half bad is it!!!

May we end up on those rockers at the end of it all, bitching and laughing and behaving like fools!