How it all started...

Jeremy Latham of Latham CommunicationsHow did I end up with a website? How did I end up with business cards? How did I wind up with a blog? The answer, is incredibly simple. Jeremy Latham.

I worked as a photographer on cruise ships for a number of years, not exactly as glamorous as I had invisioned, but completely worth every moment. Each contract would be between 6-8 months, and I would come home to Vancouver Island in the summers, photograph a few weddings, and head back out to sea for the winter months. Often when I would return home, I was unsatisfied with cruising, somewhat tired of the endless parties, the warm weather, exotic countries, and late night beverages on the outter decks of the ships (crazy I know).

Jeremy and I had already been friends for a decade. He knows me. He gets me. So one sunny summer afternoon in between contracts, I gave him a call. I noted that I wanted to do something different. Something else, something more. I was over ships. I was ready for change. I wanted him to design me business cards. He said no. I begged him. He said no. I didn't understand his resistance.

Thankfully, he knew a whole lot more than I did about starting a business, with a background in marketing and all kinds of experience. He knew that what I needed was a website and then business cards could follow. In the beginning, my website consisted of 10 photos. It was simple... but it was exactly what I needed to get going, to start my business.

When I have a technical question, I call Jeremy. When I have a business question, I call Jeremy. When I go through a breakup, I call Jeremy. When I need my website overhauled and updated, a new blog, more business cards, or new computers... yup, I call Jeremy. I am lucky that his girlfriend is wonderful, and doesn't mind my constant harassing. I also value that we've gotten to be closer over the years as well. So how fitting, that while staying with Bridget and Jeremy in Vancouver, while updating my website and creating a blog, I also photographed them as well! Jeremy, you are such a valuable part of my life! Sweet kiss @ the playgroundJeremy and Bridget smiling in black and whiteJer and Bridget through the stairsA black and white couple sitting on the rocksjer and bridget walking away