Baby Landon enters the world.

Landon 2 minutes oldI thought I knew about babies being born. I thought, "I've seen a million episodes of the baby story, I get it". No actually, I had no idea, and although I've now been through 14 hours of labor beside a friend and witnessed a real live birth... I still don't know the first thing about it.

What I do know, for sure, is... women are amazing. Stacey was in labor for somewhere near 36 hours. We had decided weeks ago that I would be there to photograph the delivery. I was called at 8am on January 14, 2010. I didn't leave the hospital until after 10pm on the same day. That wasn't necessarily in the plan, especially being 30 weeks pregnant myself. But I wouldn't take back a single second of it. If you've ever been a part of a 'baby story' you'll know what I mean in saying it is life altering and absolutely incredible. I was also unbelievably honored to be given the kind of immense trust to be aloud into such intimate and emotional moments. This was one of the most rewarding, special, and not to mention beautiful experiences of my life. One more thing, before I leave you with a slideshow of the experience... Midwives are AMAZING. I love my midwife and also Stacey's. We should all be so lucky to have these insanely gifted women in our lives. Thank you so much to Stacey and Eddie for allowing me to post this slideshow as well.

I am forever changed.

**If you are visiting this post from USA please view video without music.. by clicking HERE.*** The songs are Feels like home by Edwina Hayes and Lullaby by the Dixie Chicks.