The Wright Family.

Family. Get together. Be together. Celebrate.

I really didn't understand why my dad would get a weird dreamy satisfied look on his face when we would all be sitting around the dinner table together. He would end up taking a deep breath and saying how nice it is to have all his kids together again. We would all kinda roll our eyes, and "ok dad" him. I really understand now. Things just don't feel right until Maisie, Frank, Bryce and I are all together in the same house. It feels best to have all your love in one spot. I always come back to this, but her words just echo in me all the time "I am sure you will catch that in the eyes of all the parents you photograph. We all wish for a little more time."

Put aside weirdness, clear your schedule and hold onto your loved ones. It's a beautiful thing to celebrate life.

Love this family, love their love, and I love that I was able to spend a bit of time with them, when they were all finally able to be all together. Family. Get together.