My story. A film.

I've been behind cameras since forever. I've loved creating images since forever. I'd been wanting to create a video about my business for a long time. But, what do I say, who am I really, how do I share that, will I show that I wear socks with flip flops, what would people think. Obsessing about it.... for months, in fact a year. Finally, I took a deep breath and just went for it. I needed the right person to create it for me... I met with Paul Christopher Films and had a great meeting about what I wanted my video to be like, I got excited. Then I gave him the deposit, and he left and I thought.... OMG. Now I HAVE TO BE ON A VIDEO. What have I done! Then I had a series of small heart attacks. After planning and co-ordinating, and filming and creating... it was over, and I waited for the editing. (Being a "client" is not something I'm very good at I'm afraid.) It's done. It's here. I'm so excited, but also completely terrified. So... with nerves of steel pudding, I bring a little bit of me... to you. I really hope you like it.... or... me. xoxo

erin wallis photography

Thank you to Paul for all of your creativity and direction and for allowing me to be me. Thank you to Linsey, Chase, Graysen and Sofia for graciously allowing me to show off your beautiful family in this video. You are amazing. THANK YOU. Thank you to my family and friends who all screened it like protective parents, making sure it really was "me" and... for all of your beautiful feedback. I'm just better because of you all. Love you guys. (Above is the video created. The song is Amy Seeley's Surprisingly So, courtesy of With Etiquette a great resource for using music in your work) (Below are the images created during this video with Linsey and family.)