A little more time.

One thing is blatantly clear to me tonight, I am definitely NOT in Maui anymore! It's cold on the island friends!!

I'm still here! So hideously behind on blogging, it's barely even funny. I have sooo many beautiful families that have recently been photographed. In fact, I have so many beautiful families and weddings from the summer that haven't even been blogged yet. How, will I catch up? Or will I?? Lately its been so cold outside, and the fire has been going, and my baby won't be a baby for much longer. I just want to keep squeezing her and making her smile. She is almost eight months old. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Some times I think, "I need to blog... right now" and then, Maisie does something cute, and I think... "later" and I loose track of time. At so many points during the day, one phrase keeps ringing in my ears from a wise and beautiful woman this summer.

"Enjoy that time with your lovely baby, it goes by way to quickly. I am sure you will catch that in the eyes of all the parents you photograph. We all wish for a little more time...."

It breaks my heart, daily and I can't tell you how often it echoes in my head. So, although it is cold outside, I'm going to post a few images from the lovely Robin's family photo shoot in July. Her words, so powerful, so sincere have left such a distinct impression on my heart.

Not only in my personal life do I hear your words, but also as I am shooting family sessions, I can't help but think "We all just wish for a little more time". Robin, I can't thank you enough.