Haida Gwaii.

I took a vacation in the midst of my busiest season, and that... has made all the difference. It wouldn't have been possible without the fierce grandmotherly dedication of my amazing mom and sister, who moved into our home and watched our girl for an entire week. I have no words for my gratitude. Thank you. We also did this trip with two of our favorite people, ever. A truly indefinable time.

Fresh air. New sights. Familiar, but different landscapes. Lush green forests. Ravens instead of crows. Eagles instead of Seagulls. Smiles instead of frowns. They call it Haida Gwaii, or otherwise known as the Queen Charlotte Islands. It's a place full of wonder.

It's not uncommon to have 10pm tenderloin on the barbeque on the deck of your amazing cabin overlooking the sea. It's also easy to enjoy fresh halibut, salmon or crab... all caught in the same day. You might be barefoot one minute... and in gumboots in a downpour moments later. It's likely you will encounter the same faces around the island, or go for miles without even seeing one face. Your taxi driver, may also work in the art gallery, be a fishing guide or run the B&B down the road. You may stay in the same B&B as the photographer opening an art exhibit at the amazing Haida Gwaii Heritage Center. You'll bump into Barb in Masset and then be in her basement marveling at her beautiful pottery. She'll tease you with her mermaid mugs that are no longer available. You may be fortunate enough to enjoy fresh warm cinnamon buns in the middle of the Naikoon Park with no electricity for miles around. You may even get a chance to visit amazing natural hotsprings in the protected Gwaii Haanas National Park. Your blood pressure may drop immediately.

You may fall in love with Haida Gwaii. You may, be on the plane leaving... planning your next trip back. Something tells me, I'm not the all inclusive type.

Where were our favorite stays???

* in Masset (or about 2 minutes outside of Masset) Alaska View Lodge Beautiful views, private cabins and incredibly friendly and accommodating staff! Cynthia and Sarah are the best! Thank you girls for an incredible stay and a memorable vacation!!! * in Queen Charlotte City Echo Bay Lodge. Terry was the best and he made (and shared) amazing champagne!!! There were other places we stayed as well, but none of them I would be dying to tell you about. The above two however, were GREAT!