Laurie and Kiel

Wedding couple on the dock at Dolphins Resort, Campbell RiverThere are not many venues I LOVE quite as much as Dolphins Resort, in Campbell River. I just really love it there. Love the people. The setting, the atmosphere, ambiance and most importantly the energy of the resort. It's quiet, but fun. Serene, but exciting. Like I said, my favorite. So, any chance I have to create wedding images there... I am thrilled.

Laurie said "Dolphins" and I said "Absolutely". She was doing ok, composed and calm... but also pacing a bit. Nervously looking at the clock, but still breathing and looking impossibly beautiful. She was doing ok, until her mom came in with glistening tears in her eyes. Then no one was doing ok, including me. So touching, so quiet, so peaceful and so sweet. Kiel was quirky from the moment I saw him, and I knew our time together would be full of fun, laughter and "did I just say that" moments.

It poured rain during the ceremony so it was indoors. No problem. Rain doesn't scare me, so we set out for the beach under umbrellas. No problem. The rain stopped the moment we set foot on the beach and held off for us until I released the shutter for Laurie and Kiels last image together on the dock at Dolphins. I'm not going to go on about luck, but.... that was lucky.

May you both share a beautiful and blessed life together. I'm grateful to be a part of your story. xo No more words... only images.