Something tells me I'm not the all inclusive type....

Dock in black and whiteMy idea of a vacation is this... The West Coast of Vancouver Island. I'm telling you, if you've never been here... you just should. There are beautiful places in the world. Seriously breathtaking places. But nothing is more humbling than being surrounded by the rough, rugged beauty of the west coast. It's just something about the mountains, the waves, the tides, the sea otters, the bears, the islands, the streams, the waterfalls, the crisp morning air.... nothing makes me speechless like this place. Its either in your blood or it's not. It's in mine... Within moments of stepping onto the tin boat, and motoring out away from the dock... I could actually feel... stillness. Quiet. I was decompressing. I was not thinking. I was existing. I was alive. What a wonderful 3 days.

It doesn't hurt that my good friends family has a float camp in Nootka Sound, one of the most magical places around. (which I feel incredibly lucky to be able to go to!) It is also equally wonderful that this good friend, has now become my fabulous graphic designer/assistant/savior/second me. We had been working hard, burning discs, tying up loose ends, organizing life... so a mini road trip (in fact annual now) was just what was needed to re-charge our batteries for a busy wedding season.

Here is my hopefully helpful list of...

"Seven things to consider when road tripping..."

#1. Carefully select co-pilot/tequila and old country tapes for cabin #2. Bring a dog #3. Ensure you can get to one of the most magical places on Vancouver Island #4. Purchase $1 red hats at the first store you see, and wear them around joyfully #5. Make fabulous meals. Eat them in incredible places (like uninhabited islands) #6. Be prepared to laugh out loud, singing old country favorites like "don't ask her on a straight tequila night" #7. Recognize that you are NOT going to want to leave

Dock at nootka soundself portrait in super valueBoat Shannon and Sako the dogWest Coast Float CampDinner on the DeckSalmon and Oysters on the deck of west coast float campsea otter Lunch on an island in nootka soundFloat camp at night