Due dates and gratitude.

Today is my due date. This little boy if he was listening to the ultrasound tech, is supposed to arrive today. These entire 40 weeks they say "February 7". I tried to initially trick myself and say I was due on February 14. That wore off. I'm due today, and here I sit... baby still happily hanging out in my belly. This time is a bit easier, I must confess. I was 7 days overdue with Maisie and thought each day was a new and cruel game the universe was playing on me. This time, I know the reward... so I wait. I distract. I distract some more (thank you online shopping and Bamboletta), try and play mind games with this unborn babe. "Nah, take your time." I realize there are reasons for everything. I am absolutely not complaining. All is well. But, any woman who goes 'over due' knows that it is one of the more challenging waiting games you are faced with... until of course... the little miracles decides to make the grand appearance, and then suddenly... all is forgotten (or sort of). The pay off is worth it, the wait is worth it. But, if one more person says "almost there" to me.... things might get ugly. I get it. I'm almost there. I won't be pregnant in two weeks. (although a little sooner entry would be nice). So my little boy, come out when you're ready... but be nice to your mommy. Maisie tells me "he's too big to come out". I think "thats great sweetie". Just great. To all you mommas out there growing these little beings... be grateful. Even when it gets rough. Be grateful your body is able to carry these little wonders into the world. There are so many mommas who would do anything to be in our shoes. Be grateful. Perhaps as another distraction I'll do some more maternity photos today. But for now... the above photo is one from a couple weeks ago. I feel as though I've doubled in size... but, thats just how I roll. (the photo below is precious to me. Its been my view lately, and I love it.) ox

Growing #2

It feels so different this time around. Growing life. Unexplainable really. I just feel like hibernating. Hibernating and growing this baby boy. Feel like any outing is a big deal, feel like I'm not really wanting to share many moments. Feel greedy with my time with Maisie. With our family of 3 plus Frank. Feel like I just want to cuddle up in our big cozy bed with my little family and just snuggle.... for days. Feel like all the time I have... is reserved for people who come with only love. Good intentions. Good hearts. I'm all about good hearts. In fact, I'm more about good hearts than anything else. Negativity sticks to pregnant girls like those little burrs that stick themselves onto your clothes unannounced in the woods. So, as much as possible I seem to be self preserving and avoiding the burrs. Essentially, I'm hiding out at home. It also has a lot to do with being close to my bath tub, which I swear I live in while pregnant. Our hydro bill is through the roof. But, it's just so cozy. Turning down perfectly awesome get togethers... Hibernating. There are times in my life when knowing a deep inner peace comes easily to me... and times when my skin is perhaps just a little too thin and needs a bit more armour to protect the peace. That is apparently, now.

I had the immense pleasure last weekend of photographing one of my favorite families in the snow, on their gorgeous little farm near my house. The snow was falling and I was OVERCOME with the complete magic of it all, and of their shoot... so much so, that I got in my car to leave, and texted my girl Shannon to see if she would photograph our little growing family in the snow. I just couldn't resist. (Around here snow usually lasts about 2 minutes before it turns to slush, so I knew our time was fleeting). Being the extra awesomely spontaneous gal that she is, she agreed. In fact her text read something like "Sure! Why not! Can do anything!!! Happiest elf!!!" Now... to convince Bryce. He walked in the door with Maisie and I gently proposed my idea... he paused and replied "sounds great". (He's a smart guy). We had nothing ready, were all battling colds, threw ourselves together... and ran out the door. Our shoot took about 30 minutes and I can't even stand how much I love them. I feel like they totally reflect how I feel right now. Who we are right now, and the snow, just melts me. (along with the extra bouncy and wild 2.5 year old). I love that if I hadn't done that amazing family photo shoot, I may not have been inspired to do more... I may never have texted Shannon at the exact right time for her to say yes, and we may never have these snowy maternity photos in the woods... as the snow was literally gone and turned to slush the very next day. "It is astonishing how short a time it can take for very wonderful things to happen". Truly. It is. I hope your Christmas and holidays were bright, merry, beautiful and full of a little hibernation too. Here we are, full of us. In a moment of snow and peace.

***So grateful for my wild friend Shannon who puts up with me bossing her into different locations and positions and asking her to 'leave more room behind' or "can you crop it more like this"... I must be soooo annoying! Thank you so much for putting up with me!!!! xooxoox I'm truly your photo slave for life! You are patient, kind and totally amazing. We love you. THANK YOU. OUR FAMILY IS SO GRATEFUL!!!****

On treasures and gifts.

When I got the following email, I was overwhelmed with emotion. Thoughts like, how can she do that job? and then quickly... I'm so grateful that someone like Kim does this job. Such a huge heart, giant spirit and I hope that every single one of you reading this, never had and never needs to encounter beautiful Kim, doing her job so well. Really put things into perspective for me. Like, in a minute.

Our session was beautiful, graffiti everywhere, broken glass, trash... the works... but the light... ah the glorious light from the sun, and from the people. There is so much that goes into their images. Their light, their magic, their hearts and their love for each other. All highlighted in an hour of our lives. I am so lucky we have found each other. ***Amazing note... the appearance of their family Van "Paris" is extra special. This is the same van that they (over dinner one night years ago) decided to sell their house and drive to Chile in.*** These people are awesome.

Kim wrote:

Hi Erin I'm a Pediatric Palliative care nurse I work with dying children and their families, it's what I do and I love my job. I'm constantly inspired by strength, resilience, perseverance and overwhelming love of the individuals I work with. Sometimes I get caught up in trying to take away the pain, nausea, bleeding or managing of the lines but usually at some point I can't ignore the magnitude of the feelings around me I have to open myself up to them, they just can't be ignored.

I worry that one day I won't remember every single little soul I've said goodbye to and I wonder if their parents, grandparents, sisters, brothers, aunts and uncles feel the same. If I could give each family a gift I'd give them and hour with YOU and your profound ability to capture true love in your photos so they could stare at their pictures the way I have been at mine for as long as they need to forget the pain, sadness and all the rest of it and see they will always be surrounded with love.

These parents truly know the meaning of priceless and in return make me appreciate the undeniable value of your work. It's worth every penny and a hundred times more.

Sometimes people say "Life is too short to have regrets" and I think yes, yes it is too short but having regrets is just learning from our mistakes. I regret having waited so long before stepping in front of your camera with my family. We surely will not wait so long ever again.

Our photos are unreal, a treasure I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Endless thank yous!

Much love Kimberlee

(Thank you so much to Kimberlee for allowing me to post your email. It means so much to me to have you write such incredibly heartfelt words. I appreciate you. oxox) outdoor maternity photo, maternity photo outside

Out like a lamb?

In the past two days a lot has happened. In the middle of the night approaching March 12 2012 we awoke to the sound of incredible winds crashing into our house. Our entire house was shaking. We are west coasters, we are no strangers to storms, we welcome it, love it even. This one, however... was brutal. We were quickly reminded by mother nature who was indeed, in charge. March 12 until about noon, was a blur of power outages, reports of the devastation around town. {SEE CAMPBELL RIVER WINDSTORM IMAGES HERE}

Yesterday, was my 33rd birthday. I turned 33 years old during one of the worst windstorms in Campbell River's history. Kind of wild.

This morning, as planned I started potty training our almost two year old {someone give me strength} and in somewhat humorous fashion as I was cleaning up messes and 'accidents' in our own home as a somewhat disheveled mother {OKAY TOTAL WRECK OF A MOTHER} I also was featured on an amazing mommy blog "On to Baby" which was created by the ever popular "Wedding Chicks". It is Tiffany and Bradens maternity session, a total favorite of mine and It is so amazing to be recognized and featured by some truly inspired and lovely ladies. I am so grateful!!

Over the past few wild days there were numerous {countless} accidents inside our house as well as outside. I am grateful that the only accidents we were involved with included the potty... inside our home.

As I enter my thirty fourth year in this life I am aware of one thing only, this year has potential. Potential for anything, everything or for nothing. The choice is mine. Thank you so much for your love, your well wishes and for your comments, your "likes" and all things in between.

I've also come across a few of my images online from sources that surprised me. I've found pinners {on Pinterest} sharing my images, and I like to see my images shared and loved by others. I thought it would be nice for me to have a board of images I've come across of mine, on Pinterest shared by others. If you are interested, the images I've found are here http://pinterest.com/erinwallis/my-images-pinned-by-others/ ps....Dear beautiful, bountiful universe and all professional mothers everywhere... please wish me all things glorious from potty training goddesses everywhere.