Maternal Instincts

Eddie and StaceyStacey and I have been traveling through our pregnancy journeys side by side. Its a nice feeling to have someone going through virtually the same things you are at the same time. Pre-natal yoga, massages, A&W teen burgers and the occasional donut or blizzard... oops, I mean long dog walks and healthy outdoor activities. But seriously, its awesome to know that you are not the only one in the world going through something. That tends to be the case in most situations. Its always nice to know that you are not alone.

When I start having mild panic attacks about how in the world we are going to be as parents, how its going to be delivering a baby, nursing, staying somewhat calm, balancing wild Vizsla pup, relationship, running my business, shooting weddings etc... I continually fall back on... I'm certainly NOT the first person to ever be a mother. Every time I think about how many women give birth to babies.. daily, repeatedly even. I am instantly ok. I am not alone.

I think one of the most beautiful things I've come across recently was a comment Stacey's mom made while viewing her maternity images. Jill wrote..

"I sometimes feel like this is surreal - that my baby is now having a baby - you look so beautiful in these pictures - you will be such a wonderful mother, and Eddie such a great father. We can't wait to meet our first grandchild - I only hope that I will be as great a grandmother as my mom was for you."

So on that note... I give you a few of my favorite images from Eddie and Stacey's maternity session. I look forward to more firsts with you guys as we embark side by side on this wild adventure. What a ride its been so far. hands on baby beautiful bellymomma Doesn't she look amazing? so prettylooking And my personal favorite. inner smile