Cans for Comments.

Cans for Comments**Photographic Disclaimer... this photo was taken as an impromptu iphone image.. and yes, I am a huge nerd. For life, and not even remotely ashamed of it!

On December 1st I decided to join in on an amazing adventure.

For every comment my fabulous blog visitors would leave, I would donate one canned item to our local food bank. I just have to say, that 203 comments graced the pages of my blog in ten days. That is incredible.

Your comments filled my heart with all kinds of warm and fuzzy love and just spread all sorts of love around. The other night, we went to the food bank here in Campbell River and asked what they specifically were in need of. "Groceries" the sweet volunteer fella told us.. "This has been a particularly bad year, we need everything". So, off we went. Filling our buggies up and walking away with over 203 items.. (I got swept up in the spirit of it all)

So, not only were 203 cans donated by Erin Wallis Photography, but Simone and her mom Susan and Tara from Undersea Gardens in Victoria also are matching my donations. SO SO SO AWESOME. Folks, because of your comments and the generosity of Simone, Susan and Tara... a total of 609 cans will be donated, all because of this little blog! Thank you all so much for taking the time to comment, look what we've done!

So, now... have you donated to the food bank???

At Thrifty's you can simply purchase for either $10 or $20 a bag of pre packed goods, and they will deliver it for you. At Superstore, you add some extra cans to your grocery order and drop it in the box on your way out. So simple. So necessary. So helpful. In Campbell River there is also a Wish Tree @ Zellers and another at the Discovery Inn. With heartbreaking things on each item on the tree saying "newborn baby warm clothes" , "one year old boy warm clothes", "5 year old girl" etc... you pick a name off the tree and then buy them the appropriate gift... give it to the customer service folks at voila.. you have just made magic happen for someone in your very own community. You will not regret getting involved. In fact, you will likely want to find ways to do more. Do it. Today.

So awesome! Thank you Chris plus Lynn for coming up with such a meaningful and wonderful way to spend some time on the blog, and help out the food bank. YES!

*** AWESOME NEWSFLASH... make that 812 cans in total.. as awesome Tom has also matched my cans!!! Yahoo, this is super super awesome!!!******