a bit of recognition never hurt...

Well folks its official. Erin Wallis Photography has placed second in the WedComp International Wedding Image contest, under the "Portrait" category!!!

Generally, I don't enter contests, don't join photo groups, forums or clubs. Although I realize its a wonderful way to network and learn. At times I find it all a bit like information overload, and its all a bit hard to swallow. But then again, I did spend a great deal of my life working around 15 different photographers at all times, from all different backgrounds and walks of life... so I am not opposed to the idea. I'm just blazing my own little path here, I suppose.

Last year, I decided to enter a photo contest randomly. Much to my surprise, I placed second in the portrait category. It was certainly unexpected as the sheer volume of submissions are overwhelming, but I am truly honored to place at all. (not to mention the talented photographers that entered)

For so many reasons the above image of Kim Black is an instant favorite, and although I know I love it, and my mom loves it... it certainly is nice to be recognized by my peers, and some of the leading photographers in the industry. Thank you!!!

I've also just noticed that another image of the beautiful Katy, placed 15th as well. Maybe I should enter more competitions? Off to a wonderful wedding tomorrow in Parksville... beaming with joy.