Babies and Blessings

Two beautiful baby boys. Two incredibly wonderful parents. Supportive, loving friends and family.

I spent the weekend gloriously re-living old memories, mopping up baby puke, laughing hysterically with wonderful friends and being surrounded by love. I love old friendships that never grow old. I love that we've gone through long absences from each others lives... but put us in a room together for four days, and our friendship proves to have never missed a beat. That is beauty. That, and the fact that one of my oldest friends has created with her amazing husband two of the most gorgeous babies, ever. Grayson and Logan stole our hearts on the first day, and continue to melt mine now. I feel so honored to have friends who are so amazing. Sarah, the mother of twins seen here makes her own yogurt! Give me a break, I can barely organize breakfast for myself most days... She has the household running like a seasoned professional. Clean laundry, clean happy healthy babies, and an environment of love so thick in the house its overwhelming.

I am honored to call these folks friends.

Truly no other way I can describe the immense amount of love and devotion you feel with this beautiful clan, than with the following images.