When time stands still....

Over the weekend, I was honored to capture images of Erin and Todd's wedding at Tigh-na-mara in Parksville. Beautiful weather, STUNNING Bride, handsome groom, beautiful children everywhere... what more could I possibly ask for.

I don't know why I rarely post the very candid moments from weddings, especially as they are usually my favorites. It is the photojournalist in me, that longs to just stay amidst the crowd and capture people as they truly are. The honest moments between a mother and her baby girl, within friendships, the truth behind the story, the looks, the glances, the laughter and even more beautiful the swollen silences. A fathers pride, a child's innocence, a brides hopeful eyes... all moments that make my work, not even work at all. I have included some of my favorite moments from Erin and Todd's amazing wedding.

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