The Sheads

I love photographing families. I also love photographing families outside in Campbell River, and everywhere on Vancouver Island. There are endless possibilities. I love getting to know their personalities and how they all connect with each other. It also snaps me into realizing that one day, I will likely be just like each and every mom I photograph. Standing back and smiling at her children. Knowing that indescribable love that comes along with raising people. Looking at the face of your daughter who has grown up, is growing up... remembering them as baby's, infants... toddlers. I refer to it often, but one of my favorite quotes from a beautiful client a few years ago sticks with me still. As a parent "we all just wish for a little more time." Such a beautiful family. Full of laughter and quirks and outfit changes in the field in the chilly December air. It truly was, my pleasure.