Selena and Trevor: Married.

Selena was radiant. Heart swellingly glowing. Trevor was excited. We chose to do a "First Look" before the ceremony (which I LOVE and would always recommend!) He had his back to Selena as she approached he said nervously "I feel like the Bachelor". He was of course spellbound when he turned around to see Selena cross the open field at Shelter Point Distillery, in Oyster River of Campbell River.

I always say that I love my people. Saying "my clients", just seems weird. The intimacy, connection and shared moments of their wedding days often brings me to tears, and reduces me to a puddle of smiley faced nostalgia as I sit and edit their images, post them online, blog about them, print them... deliver them. After the dust has settled from their wedding, I go through their images. Searching for the ones that tug on my heart strings and bring back their day with the most clarity. I am working, however I am also spending moments of my life with them and with that, I choose to do so as passionately, lovingly, creatively and honestly as possible. I may fumble around, pop buttons, trip on myself and occasionally say awkward things (ok more than occasionally) but, I am fully aware that I am creating a cherished heirloom. I am a wedding photographer, their chosen wedding photographer.

They could have chosen anyone, but they chose me. That is divine intervention, in my opinion. That, is beautiful.

My brides this year have been stunning, caring, kind wild and also daring. They've laid down in wet leaves, stood on the edges of very scary cliffs, and have climbed through barbed wire for me. Seeing their trust in me, their belief that we are doing something wonderful... is truly more than I could ever ask for. If you trust me, we have far better chances of making magic together.

I said, "well, it's locked... we'd have to climb through the barbed wire." Selena looked at me as if thinking "that's it? No problem." and she hiked up her dress and without doubt or hesitation, climbed right through as did the entire wedding party. The fellas were willing to set aside their beers (somewhat reluctantly at first) and the gals were willing to do just about anything. I am lucky. The day before the winds ripped the tent down, breaking things, causing panic. However, for us, and our photos the weather couldn't have been more perfect. Being the second to last wedding of my 2011 season, I can't help but think about all of the weddings that have come before this one. All of the couples, all of the images. All of the love.

I am so... totally appreciative of all of the shared moments. These are my impressions of a beautiful wedding.

Thank you Selena and Trevor. ox

Wedding Venue: Shelter Point Distillery (Just fyi.... this is an AMAZING VENUE! If you are searching for a wedding venue in Campbell River, I'd be checking on their availability! Beautiful!) Getting Ready Venue: Timberlane Beach Resort, Saratoga Beach. Hair: Sharne's Hairstream (mobile hairdressing studio! GENIUS) Make up: Lisa @ Elements Esthetic Lounge Flowers: Amy @ The Willows Market PS... Coley! You're next!!! xoxo