Laura and Mark

Photos don't just magically make themselves. They are a reflection (hopefully a beautiful one) of the people in them. Their story, makes their images what they are. These images are happy and fun, because Laura and Mark are awesome. Laura was most excited to hear Marks vows. The ceremony was all written by them. Which is why, it was excellent. There was hugging, hysterical laughter, passing around of rings, a young fella that decided a worm needed to be brought to the forefront of the ceremony... they just rolled with it all. Mark was most looking forward to 'everything'. She describes him as the most 'personable' man you could ever meet. I would have to agree. In the first second I saw him, I knew he was great. Together, they are just so effortless. Sweet. Honest. All things you'd want to see when photographing a wedding. She said yes to a beautiful ring that Mark picked out to surprise her with, however... she would have said yes to a twist tie. True love. As cliche as it sounds, it really does make for the most beautiful images.

Laura is also a bit of a DIY queen. Handmade boutoneirs, decor, hooray/yay signs for guests, monster card boxes... the works. All made for a perfectly delightful backyard Campbell River wedding. The rain was light and brief, the bathtub of beer was full, and everyone there had a huge smile on their face. My face was actually sore after the ceremony from my (likely weird looking) perma smile. And, while we're on me looking weird... to all of the wedding guests who may or may not of seen me fumbling with my blouse (popped a button), tripping over myself, and covered in dirt and grass stains and marveling over bear dung, I assure you, none of the following images were possible without my awkward craziness err... quirkiness. Promise, its just all part of my artistic process.