Despite the Grey.

Pink blossomsAn otherwise grey Campbell River day. Rain. Damp. Fog. Eeyore style.

Driving home this morning from an appointment, everything was gloomy. Dark jackets pulled tightly over people scurrying to escape the rain. People waiting for busses, income tax returns and babies to be born. Windshield wipers on high speed. Puddles ruining new shoes, turning a freshly weeded garden into a pool of mud. Dark, glum and infused with a subtle scent of anticipation. But, if you close your eyes and stand under shelter, the birds are chirping as though they don't notice. Then the most surprising gift of all... the pink cherry blossoms bursting off countless trees around town.

Instead of being consumed with they grey waiting today. I choose to notice the beautiful new pink flowers growing like they can't see the rain.

But, thats just me.