Recharged Batteries=Inspiration Overload

I LOVE shooting weddings in the not so busy season. Talk about being excited to shoot a wedding. I was vibrating, ready to create art! Ready to see magic, and to let it seep through my cameras, and through my bones. I was ready, delighted by the chilly March air, the beautiful bursts of sunlight, and the giant fluffy clouds. I was compelled by the sweet, and lovely bride, and moved by the handsome and gentle groom.

I am so lucky to have such fabulous people in my world. I truly couldn't imagine doing anything different with my time, my life, or my energy. Amazing.

Thank you both so much for inviting me into your world and trusting me with your wedding photographs. What beautiful people you are, and what beautiful people surround you as well. Here is what I saw. I love this image, the long winding road, the tone, the way they are walking...