Mommys everywhere

I think first time Mommys everywhere can agree, the first few weeks of motherhood, are exhausting, confusing at times painful and a total blur. You are desperately trying to figure out sleeping, and feeding, and burping and the rhythms that will become your new everyday life. It is kind of a crazy time.

However, it is also one of the most blissful. The most divine and the most beautiful as well. As your child grows and the years march on, you will find yourself wrapped up sweet memories of these precious first few weeks. You barely remember the chaos. You mostly remember the magic. You watch these perfect little beings in complete awe that you could have possibly made something so perfect. You kiss their little face a million times. You experience a big love, for the first time. Or at least that is how it is/was for me.

Sharing these moments and being a part of capturing this incredible phase of life, has become some of my most cherished memories. I am so grateful to be a part of your family history. Your stories. Meet Benjamin. Jeremy and Bridget's exquisite creation.