Just Because

Shannon and I were driving (with our wild dogs in the backseat) to Uclulet for a fabulous Black Rock Resort wedding (more on that to come). We tend to get all Thelma and Louise, when we're on the road. We got talking.

I had bought her a pendant a few days prior. A"Party Girl" pendant. It was supposed to be for Christmas.

I looked in my wallet, while Thelma was behind the wheel... "I got you a present!!!!" and gave it to her. We had a good laugh and got to talking about how we can't ever wait for Christmas, and how I am the queen of ruining surprises. I can't keep secrets either. If I have a present for you...you can be pretty sure, it will be tucked away somewhere clever, hiding. Then, the moment I see you, I have to root around and dig it out and give it to you rather enthusiastically. Just because.

In my mind, just because is right now. Just because means you are standing in front of me, and I love you. I thought of you, I got you something. I need to give it to you right now. Because these Thelma and Louise adventures happen, and have been happening for a while now... we are at the point that we rationalize instant gift giving, early Christmas spoiling etc, by knowing, that life is short. Life is fragile, and there are absolutely no guarantees of a tomorrow. Bryce hates that I talk like this, but I do it anyways. I believe it. Because of this, the party girl necklace brought a laugh and a smile to my friend Thelma. It is not sitting in a bag in my closet, waiting for Christmas.

I like Christmas, I just like it better, when its every day. When its giving, just for the joy of giving, and when you spread love... just because you can.

(Thought these images suiting, as no one knows how to live in the moment, and be totally wild, like Sako and Frank) Sako fights back!