Less than perfect

Cookies and milkYesterday was a less than perfect pregnant day. Not a catastrophic day, just a less than perfect day. A day where I likely allowed all of the dark and twisty thoughts and fears creep in just a bit too much. Being a person who is always searching for the silver lining, it is difficult to allow yourself to feel anything but grateful. But... when these days happen (or hours or moments). There are ways to work through them, and to come out smiling.

What I learned yesterday was.

When you are having a bad moment or two, reaching out to friends is actually ok. I don't like feeling like a burden, or like I'm passing on negative vibes to a cherished friend (or two). But, sometimes it boils up and spills over in unwanted ways, so sharing can be a good thing (so long as its not every single time you chat).

The moral of my little story this morning is, there are three things I now know for sure.

#1: When having a bad day, reaching out to friends can bring you surprises in your mailbox the next morning. #2: Homemade treats from friends taste better than any other in the world. #3: Have a coffee, eat a cookie and count your blessings.