New look to the ol' blog...

EWP_8719Today, after much anticipation, I celebrate a facelift for my Vancouver Island Photography blog. I've had this look to the blog locked in my head for months, and I'm so happy it has now come together.

The header image and the ones here, was a vision I have had for ages. I wanted something that was different from a usual headshot of myself. I wanted to portray who I am, what I do, and how very precious my images are to me. To capture my photos, my canvases, my art, my soul, in amongst the natural beauty of Vancouver Island.

I conveyed my vision to the ever amazing Shannon Andrews, (my incredibly talented sidekick/graphic designer/artist). Unsure how to prop up all of the photos, I didn't want real easels (however that was my original thought) So, Shannon proclaimed, 'we can make driftwood easels'. Surely my crafting abilities would not create something like this? But of course, Shannon can do basically anything, and in one night with the help from her 'crazy with a drill' helper Ryan... they created me the most beautiful, rustic display easels made with driftwood from right here in Campbell River.

We were ready for action. These images were created near Oyster River in Campbell River. With my wild vision, and Shannon behind the camera. Here is what we created for my updated website and blog. Thank you Ryan and Shannon for all of your help!

All of the old post images will have to stay the same size, unfortunately I just can't justify the millions of hours it would take to resize each and every one of the thousands of images that are already on here. But, all posts from here on in, will have these gloriously larger images. Fabulous.

Of course, as usual, none of this would be possible without Jeremy Latham Thank you for everything. at workwith the grad girls.with frankwalk