Lauren and Ben

Lauren and Ben along the logA Vancouver Island wedding photographer, nears the end of a busy wedding season. Armed with her favorite cameras, lenses and a kick a$%$ assistant, she boards a ferry to Quadra Island, then another to Cortes Island. She tries not to complain, but is somewhat worn down. Pregnant. Emotional. Not feeling entirely herself. (Yes, I said pregnant) Tired. Suffering from a bad tummy and feeling nauseous. Trying desperately to shake it all off, and get down to brewing up magic images that will be different from the last wedding, from any wedding. She couldn't shake it. Until meeting Lauren. Something happens, you can see everything lift off, evaporate into thin air... not thinking, not nauseous not even feeling odd. But better, vibrant and more alive. She is just better as the camera lifts to her face, and moments stand still within each frame. She can't explain it. She doesn't try. Just chooses to believe in the magic.

Lauren and Ben are from San Francisco, Ben spent every summer of his life on Cortes Island. His grand father built the church there. His intense connection to the place, the surroundings and the venue, made it completely meaningful, absolutely wonderful and inspirational. It is not easy co-ordinating a wedding on an island that takes two ferries to get to from Vancouver Island, especially when the majority of your guests are from San Francisco and everywhere but Vancouver Island. But, if you can pull it off... it is worth it.

Lauren oozed sweetness, warmth and has energy about her, that makes you want to be her friend instantly. Ben has a calm, gentle, lightness to him, that you would also equally like to be around. The two of them together, effortless. I believe there is something to be said about weddings with a lot of not only thought, but heart to them.

Lauren and Ben's beautiful wedding, was exactly what I needed to fuel me up, and inspire me to finish off this wedding season with a bang. There are not a lot of weddings left for me this year. In fact, there are only five. But I believe now, after Lauren and Ben... I am ready to conquer the rest of them, with the same gusto, passion and spirit as if I were at the first one.

Here are a few of my favorites. p.s... British Columbia... You are beautiful. getting readyVeilLauren Ben and Lauren chose to have their portraits together before the ceremony, which I love. Here is Ben's first look at Lauren first lookCortes Bridebride and groomRocksAmazingOh BCthrough the trees Don't you just love them??? The amazing couple We prepare to go to the ceremony. to the ceremonylaurenThe church at Ben's grandfather built Waiting in the church that Ben's grandfather built for the ceremony to begin, one of my all time favorite images was created. in the churchflowers on the piano The ceremony was so beautiful, intimate and full of emotion. Yes, I was crying... a lot. lauren looks at the gathering of loved onesceremonybeautifultears Apparently Lauren and I weren't the only ones with tears, love this image of Lauren's wonderful mom caught up in the moment. Laurens mom How radiant is Lauren? so prettyjust marriedLauren and Ben I'll leave you with a favorite of the newlyweds after the ceremony. so pretty Hope your weekend is full of love.