Jennifer and Pedro

jennifer and pedroI am constantly grateful. I push myself to always keep my attitude in check. To always appreciate what I DO have, instead of constantly lusting over what I don't have. I believe in it. I can't imagine living any other way.

When I'm laying in my bed, I often take a deep breath and truly appreciate my big comfy bed. That I have somewhere to lay my head safely at night. When I'm in the shower. I am thinking about how lucky I am to have hot running water. Lately, when my back hurts and shoots pain down my legs... I feel lucky to have legs. When I'm eating dinner. I am thankful for a fridge full of food. When something strange happens like forgetting something at home, making me turn around to go get it... I choose to believe I am possibly avoiding some unforeseen danger down the road, I always try and choose gratitude. You get the idea.

It has lead people in my life to let me know that at times "You're too intense", "its too much", and that I shouldn't expect others to think like me. And I don't... and I try not to preach... but... my amazing and cherished friend Momma Mady used to always say to me, "Pull your boots up girl. You've got two feet and a heartbeat". It's a beautiful way to live.

So, when I meet someone who lives the same way, and shares the same views. It makes me happy. Really happy.

When I met up with Jennifer on her wedding day, the first words out of her mouth were. "I am just so blessed, so lucky. It's amazing." She couldn't get over having all of the people she loved most in the world, in one place. For such an amazing celebration. She would well up with tears, just thinking about it. She lives in a massive amount of gratitude and it shows and is absolutely beautiful. The autumn season, was a perfect fit for their wonderful wedding.

Look at these images, and know, that these two are wonderful. Jennifer and Pedro, been together twelve years, were married this past Saturday at the amazing Dolphins Resort in Campbell River. Anyone looking for a different, rustic, beautiful destination wedding on Vancouver Island... should take a serious look at Dolphins. What a wonderful crew of people and what a beautiful place to have all of the people you love celebrate your wedding.

One of Jennifer and Pedro's guests at the reception asked me, "so how long have you and Jenn been friends?", I responded, "oh since forever". We've only met one other time, for their engagement photos. I love my clients. (Especially Jennifer and Pedro) I love my chosen profession. I love living in gratitude. As cheesy as it may sound, if you've never tried it, you're missing out. Autumn Wedding I think beauty makes you beautiful, but only your attitude can make you radiant. JenniferJennifer looking down Some girls get excited about Manolo Blahnik footwear, others are thrilled with the classic elegance, of Hunter Gumboots. fabulous footwearBoots and Tractors Jennifer's mom lives on a beautiful little farm property that we decided to have a 'first look' at and create some images on the property before the ceremony. Here is Pedros first look at his beautiful bride. First lookfarmautumn leavesPedroboots and shoesJennifer The handsome ring bearer at the ceremony. Lexjen and dad Love this one of Jen and her dad. laughthe toasthugs I'm in love with this photo of Jen through the crowd. JenPedroflowers and champagne Down to the beach for some more images, love the colors in the trees here. amazing autumnRomance and lovelove The Dolphins Resort with Jennifer's amazing autumn decor, looked perfect. Dolphins Resort I told you it was rustic. Dolphins The little ones were partying hard, minus their shoes. kids shoes You have to be special to have the ever auspicious rainbow make an appearance at your wedding. rainbow No wedding would be complete without small people, passing out all over the place. sleeper Wishing you both nothing but happiness.