Sonora Resort is nothing short of spectacular. Joanne and Dan are wonderful. The weather was stunning. I had a really great time. In fact, so much so... that flying away in the float plane overlooking our amazing scenery, I thought... that didn't feel a thing like work.

The forecast the day before was calling for 90% chance of rain. 90%, thats a pretty good chance it will rain. I could have been stressed out, like I would have gotten a few years ago. Could have obsessively checked the weather channel, could have. But didn't. As I started to reflect on why I was so incredibly calm about the weather I realized that most of my favorite wedding images, have had a little bit of rain in them. (some a lot of rain)

In any case, rain? There was none on Saturday. (Today, however there is rain and wind and wild weather) Favorite images from Sonora... there are a lot! Have a look at Dan and Joannes amazing wedding I had the pleasure of photographing on Sonora Island.

They got ready together, non traditionally. Which i loved. On the short trip to the ceremony, to say their vows.