A very special day...

In the lightForever ago I met an incredible little girl.That little girl turned into an astoundingly beautiful, warm, determined, unique, radiant, compassionate and AMAZING woman. She got married on August 23, and I was honored to be a part of it all. Kim and her entire family are some of my favorite people on the planet. They all ooze wonderful things. Happiness, joy, deep strong bonds, and connections, they are honest, kind and so totally giving and loving.

I grew up beside them in Campbell River, and was so deeply moved when Kim based her entire wedding day around my availability!!! There were so many moments when I could barely see through the lens, as tears welled up in my eyes... The most moving? Maybe when Kim held up her heirloom necklace worn by generations of women in her family on each of their wedding day, maybe when Kims mom burst into tears, while telling Kim of a charm she was about to sew into her dress, that was given by Kims grandfather to her late grandmother Win on their 50th wedding anniversary (not a dry eye in the house).

Perhaps my favorite was when Kims dad took a deep breath and walked his daughter down the isle, you could almost see him become incredibly present, as he looked over at her, and put his hand on top of hers.... maybe the vows, the song, the fixed up family volvo that Kims parents drove on their wedding day, the weather that was 90 percent chance of RAIN... with nothing more than a few drops as the ceremony ended. Maybe James face when he saw Kim walking down the isle... maybe it was James' simple and moving vows. It could have been the amazing bagpipes courtesy of Cameron Stewart...Or possibly how when Kim spoke during the reception, she thanked people... not like it was a list to get through... but with every ounce of her heart. What a gorgeous day.

I spent many of my childhood days laughing with all of the fabulous Black family and was just so deeply honored to have been a part of Kim and James' wedding day. Just look at how radiant Kim is in every single photo. Look how calm James appears, and then check out what the magic created when we were left alone for their intimate images after the ceremony. Goosebumps, romance, laughter, tears, and a whole vast array of emotions made this day something incredibly special.

I wish you both many many years of love and continued joy. May you two continue to make music together. Always.

My wonderful assistant Shannon caught this moment during the ceremony!!!

An overwhelmed flower girl...

Our local celebrity and amazing hockey legend Rod Brind'Amour gives Kim a hug after the ceremony.

Love this image of Kim delivering her soulful speech.