Robyn and Kane
Dolphins Resort, Campbell River BC, August 20 2016

dolphins resort wedding

It's honestly hard to find the words to describe how special it was to have Erin Wallis be a part of our wedding day. After reviewing different photographer options it was very clear that Erin would be the perfect fit to capture the most memorable day of our lives! Browsing through Erin's photos really confirmed that her island roots and love for the ocean would compliment our bohemian beachside wedding. In a way choosing Erin was like falling in love, when you find the one you'll just know. 

The morning of our wedding was full of excitement and being around close friends and family made our hearts full. Any tension or nerves that my husband and I might have been feeling quickly dissipated when Erin arrived due to her warm and kind demeanour. It was so easy to be present and enjoy each moment knowing that Erin was always one step ahead of us and constantly creating magic through her creativity and attention to detail. Although we booked Erin as our photographer, she wore many hats that day. If I was feeling parched or losing my spark she would get my bridesmaids and I to have a quick break to refuel and replenish. She also would ensure that my gown and veil were on point throughout our wedding day and this allowed me to truly have no worries. I remember being so ecstatic that I couldn't wipe the smile off my face and Erin totally embraced these emotions that we were experiencing that day, and made us feel completely comfortable in our own skin. She definitely knows how to direct you into the perfect pose and has no problem wrangling loved ones to include everyone in the photos. Her sense of humour and encouragement throughout the day was much needed and appreciated, especially to get those brilliant shots on the mountaintop while my husband and I were getting attacked by swarms of mosquitos. Little do people know but veils serve as the perfect mosquito net and this innovative idea from Erin created a lovely and intimate photo. Erin is truly a master of her trade and we had no problem following her lead. We had some change in plans on our wedding day (that no one would ever know about) and these changes were suggested by Erin to ensure that the natural lighting surrounding us would compliment our photos and include the gorgeous scenery that Vancouver Island has to offer.  

If you desire a photographer who captures light and love from all angles and creates photos that are breathtaking and beautiful, Erin Wallis is the one. Our photos will be forever cherished and thanks to you Erin our wedding memories will be reminisced often and never forgotten!

Lots of love,  Robyn & Kane


Tessa and Bradley
Park Side Hotel, Victoria BC, August 6 2016 

Tessa Bradley




We had been following and admiring Erin's work for years, and so we were thrilled when we were able to book her for our engagement session and wedding. Within minutes of our first meeting, we knew that we had chosen the right photographer. Erin's pleasant demeanor, vibrant energy and unfailing positivity made us comfortable in front of a camera which we were doubtful was even possible!

We were so delighted with the final products of both of our shoots. Erin delivered perfect posed shots, but we were mostly awestruck at the pictures that we didn't know were being taken. Erin must have some kind of sixth sense for moments because the beauty and emotion she managed to capture in our candid photos was astounding. Not only is Erin an artist in the truest sense of the word, she is a genuinely lovely person and we are so lucky that she was the one to capture some of our happiest moments.

Whenever people ask our advice about wedding planning, the first thing we always say is to make sure you find the right photographer (well, after "find out if Erin is available") because Erin truly made such a difference in how we will remember that day.

Erin, from the bottom of our hearts – thank you. We will cherish our photos for a lifetime and will be forever grateful that you shared your passion with us.

xoxo Tessa & Brad




Taylor & Brandon
Sea Cider Victoria BC,  July 31 2016

sea cider wedding


It would be an understatement to just say thank you. Words cannot describe our gratitude.

When Brandon and I became engaged in August 2014, I already knew the first step was contacting Erin even with the wedding two years away in July 2016. I had been drawn to her beautiful work for quite some time and knew I wanted Erin and no one else! We were even willing to change our date to make it happen!

We are so grateful to have Erin for our special day. Erin, you were well organized, professional, vibrant and went above and beyond our expectations. Our wedding was July 31st, 2016 at Sea Cider in Victoria. I knew instantly we made the right choice contacting Erin. She hadn’t worked that venue before but went and scoped everything out well before the big day. If that isn’t dedication and passion for what you do I don’t know what is! Erin had everything planned out and we didn’t have to worry!The attention to detail that Erin has is exceptional. Sometimes getting caught up in the chaos and excitement of the day makes it hard to remember all of the special little moments but Erin made sure we wouldn’t forget with her attention to detail capturing all of the raw emotion and every aspect of the day. We couldn’t have asked for anyone better!   

As others have stated, Erin’s pictures speak for themselves. We love looking at our photos and are instantly brought back to the wonderful memories. The variety and emotions of the shots is something truly amazing and special. Erin knows exactly the right angles and ways to capture beautiful moments. The day of the wedding Erin even found an old ladder and lugged it around the orchard to get the best shots! Erin was also able to manage our somewhat large… 20 person wedding party. Erin knew when to lay down the law and at the same time keep everyone laughing and having fun. 

Erin, Brandon and I are so thankful and blessed to have worked with you. Not only are you an amazing photographer but a wonderful human being inside and out. Thank YOU for being awesome and for the wonderful photos we will cherish forever. We look forward to our next adventure with you!                       Xo Taylor and Brandon   


Ursula & Ian
Campbell River BC, April 4 2015

dolphins resort wedding





Not only were you organized, passionate, and enthusiastic, but you were also fun to be around and you managed to capture our wedding in a way that truly reflects us. Aside from your amazing personality, what we loved most about working with you was the fact that your work is far from boring. It’s creative, interesting, and full of light. Your passion is so evident and we feel lucky to have had a photographer with so much love for her work.  

It would be hard to say thank you without acknowledging how you went above and beyond our expectations. On the day of our wedding, the weather was cold and windy but you kept us all engaged and you never once wavered in your willingness to do whatever it took to get the perfect shot. You seemed to have taken any wedding chaos in perfect stride and you did a great job making people feel comfortable and at ease. 

Thank you so much for everything. From the first email to the day we got our delivery in the mail, we have been so impressed with your professionalism and are incredibly grateful. 

Thank you, thank you. 

Ursula and Ia 





Jenna & Curt
Ucluelet BC, September 12 2015

ucluelet wedding photographer




Oh Erin,

I've been trying to come up with a response to thank you that lives up to the joy your pictures have given us, but I just don't think I have the words! 

It was such perfect timing to receive them, Curt and I had just sat down to relax for the evening when your email popped up on my phone last night. We eagerly started the slideshow and watched the memories from our perfect day pour in for two hours! We shared so many smiles, laughs, and heartwarming moments reminiscing. It was the perfect way to spend our Thanksgiving weekend - appreciating all those who came to support our marriage, and being truly thankful for all the amazing people that are in our lives, yourself included.

We couldn't imagine having our wedding day captured by anyone else. Thinking of the excitement, energy, and passion you brought to our day makes our hearts so full. You also touched the lives of so many people who shared our wedding day with us! Our family and friends cannot stop talking about how great they think you are, and how it is so unique and inspiring to see a photographer get as involved and connected as you did.

You are not only an incredible photographer, but an amazing human being.

We will cherish these photos and the feelings they stir forever. 



XoxoxJenna and Curt





Nadine & Jesse
Kitty Coleman, Comox BC, July 2015

emotional wedding images


It is nearly impossible to put into words how thankful we are. You were so much more than just a photographer for Jesse and I on our wedding day. There isn’t a single photo that wasn't brimming with love. If you were at all intimidated by the tender circumstances, it did not show in the least. Your intuition shines bright in your work, as if we had a lifelong friend photographing our wedding. No small detail went unnoticed. Your effortless nature in capturing every candid moment has given my family and I photos we will cherish for a lifetime. 


Although my father's journey was coming to an end, you still managed to capture the last of the sparkle in his eyes. A man usually so boisterous, vibrant and full of life, I was so worried that his illness was all that would show in our photos. Instead, it was his infinite love and pride for his family that shined through. During my father's final weeks in hospice, I will always remember laying with him while looking at your wedding photos and having him smile and say "I like that one" to all of them. 


It's been incredibly heartwarming to see the reaction from friends and strangers alike in response to the photos of my father and I. It is not every day you meet someone who has tapped their potential in a way that not only brings such unbelievable joy to so many people, but also encourages immense self-reflection. Jesse, myself and my family thank you for what you have done for us. But perhaps most importantly, thank you for what you have done for my father. In such a tremendously sad time in my life, I am deeply consoled in knowing that one day I will share these photos of my father so full of love at my wedding with my children, so they can experience all of his love that day too.


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the truly timeless gift you have shared with my family. 


Forever grateful, 



Kristin & Jesse

Dolphins Resort, August 31 2014

dolphins resort wedding, wedding at dolphins, vancouver island wedding photographer, photography


I have been struggling to think of the words to say to you over the last week about the absolutely stunning photos you took at our wedding. For literally the first time in my life I have been rendered speechless.

When we knew nothing about our wedding location or date and searching "Vancouver Island Weddings" on the internet; we came across a link to your blog on your favourite locations and we fell in love with your images instantly. The rest is history. It goes without saying that having you at our wedding was a "non-negotiable" we would have changed our dates or followed you anywhere so long as we could get you there!

The pictures you took are so full of life, love and happiness - I have no idea how you can capture so much, but somehow you manage it. You are so crazy, insanely talented!!! We have sat every night, wine glass in hand, watching the slide show of all the pictures you took. We get to relive everything you captured, most of which we had forgotten! We had such an amazing day and its wonderful to see that come through in your photos. 

Not only are literally every one of your pictures a work of art, you are also such an amazing person to have at a wedding. So calm, so fun and so full of energy  - it's impossible not to smile when you're behind the camera. Many of my friends and family were nervous about getting their pictures taken, but you made the whole experience an absolute joy. 

You are amazing Erin. Not only because you have such an incredible talent, but because you are truly such a special, wild, amazing person. I have so much love and appreciation for you and everything that you do. Thank you so very, very much for being a part of our wedding and making it as special as you did. There is literally no equal to the astounding Erin Wallis. 

Thanks again Erin, we feel so lucky to have found you. 

Lots of love, 

Kristin & Jesse


Luke & Lindsay
Haig Brown House, July 19 2014

haig brown house wedding, campbell river wedding, vancouver island wedding, stunning bride

Erin!!! OMG! We are sooooo in love with all of our photos! You cannot believe how many times we said OMG! WOW! SO COOL! AMAZING! and the list of words of excitement go on. I had no idea you were in some of the places when you were. When I was peaking out the window at Haig Brown because I wanted to see if everyone was out there yet I had no idea you were in that room with us - one of my favorites by far! Luke & I had the biggest smiles on our faces looking at our images and tears of joy from some of the emotions you were able to capture. Seriously incredible! You are so phenomenal! I had guest say they never even saw you. I love how you have everything thought out down to the wooden usb keys to the cute little bags. We honestly know that NO ONE could have done what you did in such a short amount of time. THANK YOU!

On a side note, I want to say something super honest. Photography can be expensive. I know so many people that chose their photographer based on price (and sometimes they have to). But, I would tell anyone I know to spend whatever extra it is to have you as their photographer without a doubt!!! It comes down to your professionalism, your amazing touches, your honesty, your personality, your help (even with things like choosing our venue - not even really related to photos) and I think I could go on forever! No price can be put on what you do! AMAZING!

Thanks Erin!

Carly & Bobbi
Ucluelet, May 31 2014

black rock resort wedding, same sex wedding

Hi Erin!

We got our package right before we left for back to back trips and have not had time to sit down and send a thank you to you (although we have made time to gush over them repeatedly!) - but truthfully, I don't know that there is a thank you big enough for you and for these treasures.

We have always loved capturing our memories through photos, sometimes to the dismay of our friends and family who have to stop every few steps on vacation for this photo op and that photo op. We knew right away that our photos would be one of, if not THE, most important part(s) of our wedding day. The first time I stumbled upon your blog I was head over heels in love with the kind of love you find and the way you make it shine. I knew right then that on my day it would have to be you, and only you, capturing everything.

Our photos have been on the receiving end of much praise, even from people who we don't see very often or know very well who happened to catch them through a friend of a friend or someone who was tagged on Facebook. "Your photos!!! They are amazing!" is often the first thing people think to tell us after "congratulations." They are truly spectacular and we are so grateful that we got to spend such a beautiful day in front of you and your camera.

There is a moment that I speak of often when people ask about you, or pay you and our photos a compliment. We were by the lighthouse, near the end of the day, and you were getting particularily excited about one shot. You were nearly overwhelmed with joy and you stopped for a second, lowered your camera, and said, "This is what I love. This moment is already gone, but what I think about is 20 years from now, when you will still have it." That is exactly why we chose you. Everyone can feel that through your work. You feel so many things on a day like that, and you basically bottled it up for us forever. How could thank you possibly be enough for a gift like that?

From our family photos, to the sweet candids, to every "Bobbi face" you captured, we are now armed with a whole pile of memories from a seriously magical day in our journey together. And since there are no other words that will do, thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. Keep doing what you do. Everyone who ever chooses you... We are the lucky ones. 


- Carly & Bobbi 

Katie & Andy
Duncan, July 26 2014

birds eye cove farm wedding


Wow. To say that Saturday was special would be an understatement. Everything was great, We had the food, the venue, the friends and family. All of these things were risks, would the weather hold? Would the food be as good as at the tasting, would everyone be able to make it? But from the day we saw your work there was no question or concern. We thought we knew what we were getting but, “wow", That word silently passed my lips when I saw the first picture on face book. I want it on record, WOW. I am speechless. I never realized how beautiful it could all look, I am so glad you brought your talented eye to our wedding to see the beauty and love that we knew was there. There isn’t another person alive that could have done it better or even come close. We are so happy with the photos, we are busting with joy! These words are as genuine as the tears in my eyes as I write them (didn’t cry on the day, seriously crying now) Thank you doesn’t say it, I don’t know of a word that can say it. -

{That was from Andy.}

I agree with everything he said, and just wanted to add it that you were such a wonderful addition to our day. You definitely felt like an honorary bridesmaid! 

And I don't think we ever told you how we found you. We went with Andy's parents and sister the Christmas before last to Hawaii where Andy proposed in the ferry terminal (he was going to propose in Hawaii but got too excited). On our way back we rushed from the airport to the ferry terminal, only to find out we had a six hour wait for the first ferry. Since we were newly engaged, I decided to do some wedding research, and I came across your blog and fell in love with your pictures. You were the first thing about the wedding we decided on. 

Thanks again for everything. 

-Andy & Katie-

Michelle & Martin
Tofino, July 10, 2012

tofino wedding.jpg


We’ve been home for two and a half weeks now, and I still haven’t figured out wh to write to you. I was hoping that at some point the words would just come to me, but they haven’t… and so I’ve been torturing myself. “I need to write Erin!!” but “I have no idea what to write to Erin!”

And then you posted your most recent letter to Maisie, about having a peaceful heart. And it reminded me of when I first saw that phrase somewhere on your blog or website or facebook page, and I knew that it was you who I wanted at our wedding. Because I had written it in my own journal years ago – and if you used those words too, if you knew what they meant, then you would “get it.” You would get us. And it would be okay.

Maybe that’s silly. Maybe everyone knows about living with a peaceful heart. Maybe it’s in some book we both read at some point and there’s nothing more to it than that. And, anyway, a wedding is just a wedding. It’s a day in a life. Maybe it’s no big deal who is there, or what you wear, or whether or not you find a photographer who you really, really like. Because it’s just a few hours. And if the images are gorgeous then, at the end of the day, we’re happy, our families are happy, and everyone gets what they need.

Secretly, though…. oh, I was looking for so much more than gorgeous images. And that’s not to say that gorgeous wouldn’t have been miraculous on its own! I mean, between a 9am ceremony, excitement, nervousness, two crazy kids and 6 hours less sleep than normal… it’s safe to say that my hair and makeup looked better coming to work this morning than it did on July 10. Sure, I could have done with eyes that were a little less puffy… but when we decided to elope, we decided that, for us, the most important thing about that day was joy. That’s it. Just joy. We wanted the kids to laugh, we wanted to eat tacos and drink beer, we wanted to hang out with Tim. We wanted to honour every mistake, every triumph, every wrong turn and every happy coincidence, to show Tenley and Duncan that there are no mistakes, there are no wrong turns… that sometimes life is darkest in the moment right before the light. We wanted to feel humble in the mystery of it all. And I wanted — selfishly, secretly, against-all-reasonable-expectations — images that would reflect *that*.

All of which brings me to the point where I don’t have the words. Because even though we’ve only had a sneak peak, even though we have no idea what amazingness is in store when you finish filtering and editing and layering your creative genius over the images that you captured on our day, I know already that they are perfect. I know from what we’ve already seen that everything is there. The laughter, the joy, the awesomeness of it all. I will never, ever, be able to thank you enough for that.

All I can think of is this: that you know love, Erin. You know it. You must. Because it seems to me that everything you capture, all of the art that you make, is rendered through that lens. It’s what makes your work so beautiful, it’s what makes YOU so beautiful. And it is what makes us so very, very honoured to have shared those few short hours on July 10 with you.

Hope that you are feeling great and having an awesome summer. We think you. are. the. best.

Love Michelle

Markie & Nathon
Campbell River, July 13, 2013

I followed Erin Wallis for years – her website, blog, Facebook pages. I had never met her, never even seen her in person, yet I felt a connection to her, like I somehow knew her. The photos and the words she shared always resonated with me. I knew long before Nathon asked me to marry him that Erin Wallis was my wedding photographer. I didn’t know a thing about what my wedding day would entail at that point, whether I was eloping or having a big reception, but I knew who was going to create the images.

When I woke up on the morning of my wedding day, everything turned surreal, almost dream-like. All the days leading up, all the planning, the emotions, the nerves, the love…all comes down to one beautiful, blissful, blurry day. Surrounded by all of the people we love most, we celebrated our love and our life together – and in the end, we were married. It was natural and super-natural all at the same time. For us, it was a day full of magic, and love, and absolute happiness. Erin captured it all.

Erin and I didn’t talk much, if at all, about the “style” of my wedding leading up to the day. We didn’t talk at all about how I wanted the images to look. We made very few plans. I never showed her any inspiration photos. I did not show her my dress, my flowers, or my decor. We spoke briefly about some various photo location options and Erin mentioned that she had “some ideas.” The photos were one thing I was not worried about. I had 100% trust in her and I was confident that Erin would know exactly what to do. And she did. When she arrived at my parent’s house while I was getting ready, we found her digging through family treasures and piecing our life together into perfect little vignettes like she had known us all for a lifetime. My Mom whispered, “She is an old soul, just like you.” We ended up at the perfect locations, some planned, some inspired spur-of-the-moment. In the events leading up to the ceremony and the spontaneous moments that followed, Erin was in her element. She was engaged and inspired and completely taken in the special, intimate, and magic things that transpired. The result was images that were more than I could have dreamed of. For us, they are perfect.

It is hard to put into words how I feel about my wedding photos. They are much more than the hard evidence that our wedding day was not a dream and it actually did happen. Erin Wallis has an ability to connect and empathize with people that comes through in the images. When I look at the photos it brings me back to that exact, fleeting moment. They evoke the same emotions I was feeling at that very second. The magic, the happiness, the love, and the glow – it comes rushing back. I will never be able to live that day again, which is what makes it so special. Erin turned our memories of that amazing day into cherished images and art.

Erin – Thank you from the bottom of my very full and happy heart. Thank you for putting yourself out there to the world so people like me can find you. Thank you for wearing your heart on your sleeve so people like me can connect with you and trust you. Thank you for the treasured images of my special day.

“Kindred spirits are not so scarce as I used to think. It’s splendid to find out there are so many of them in the world.” – L.M. Montgomery

Markie Miller

vancouver island wedding.jpg

Amy and Ryan
Parksville, September 4 2013

tighnamara wedding

I knew I wanted Erin Wallis to photograph my wedding for years. I had been following her page on Facebook and was mesmerized by the magic she would capture in each and every wedding she photographed. I wanted those memories captured at my wedding and I was so lucky to have her on our big day.

One thing that really struck me about Erin is that she seemed as excited for my wedding as I was. She was so positive and reassuring and I knew I would have the best pictures to look back on when I wanted to revisit the memories of that day. She was amazing at relating to everyone at the wedding and getting the best pictures of them that she could. She could calm anyone that was feeling a bit nervous and she was willing to do anything to get amazing shots. I trusted her vision completely and I’m so glad that I did because what we are left with now is such a true representation of how amazing our day actually was. I look through our pictures with a smile on my face and can feel the emotions I was feeling when they were taken…they can bring me to tears at times.

I believe that’s a true talent. Erin’s ability to invoke the feelings of a day in the pictures that were takencontinues to amaze me. She was able to capture every emotion, every moment and that means the world to me. The only difficulty I face is trying to decide which pictures I want to have up in our house because I want them all!

I am such a huge fan of Erin and I hope to have her photograph other important times in our lives as our family grows. I wouldn’t have chosen anyone else to capture our moments. I feel so blessed to have had our wedding photographed by Erin and I am so thankful I was able to find her for our day. I have only good things to say about her. She is a true kind soul that only wants the best for you and your memories. She makes you feel as though you are the only people in the world and that your wedding is the only one that’s important to her. She is calm, composed and has the greatest vision for photography that I have ever seen. She is a truly amazing photographer and an absolute gem. Having Erin at your wedding is the best insurance that you will be able to revisit one of the most important days of your life with clarity and joy.

I honestly cannot thank you enough Erin, you made one of my dreams come true and I am forever grateful! Amy Day xoxo

Theresa & Nathan

Campbell River, BC


I don’t even know how to start! You are such an amazing person, and we feel so fortunate. Words can’t express just what you do, so involved and caring but in the most non-intrusive way. I was so nervous and I had no idea my emotions would bubble to the surface like they did that day. I wasn’t expecting so many things that day, tears for so many reasons, they just came, with no control. Something so vivid sticks out in my memory, standing in my parents bathroom, emotions taking over, and hearing your calm voice saying, “just breathe”. As I walked down the aisle, I could hear the same amazing voice in my head saying, “just breathe”, it calmed me and settled me so I could experience the most amazing moment of my life. You do more than take pictures Erin, and we are so thankful you were with us! Simply put, you are the very best, not just for your breathtaking photos, but for your beautiful personality. You added so much to our day, and we can’t thank you enough.

Theresa and Nathan
P.s. Don’t you ever sleep?? haha We were so thrilled to receive those pics the night of our wedding, drinking champagne, huddled around the iPhone in our hotel room, they recaptured our day completely, thank you for sharing pics with us so soon!

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 12.34.27 PM.png

Sole & Dan,
Victoria, August 13, 2011

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 10.39.12 AM.png

To the best photographer, Erin Wallis

The day Dan proposed to me in front of a waterfall was one of the best days of my life and the day of August 13, 2011 was a moment in my life that I never thought would happen but always dreamed of…I married my highschool sweetheart, my first love and best friend.

I have loved viewing and admiring all the wedding photos you have taken over the years, I never thought one day, I would be in one of those photos in my fairytale wedding dress, marrying my prince charming…in front of a castle!

The most special part of having you as our photographer is that I have known you since I was a little black, curly haired, 4 year old girl running around the vista bay/passage view neighborhood, always wanting to hang out with you and all of my older brother`s cool friends…what a dork! Never did I imagine as a little girl that you would be there to share this wonderful and defined time in my life. As tears ran down our faces, before, during and after our vows, you were there to make sure none of these moments were missed and we thank you again and again for that.

We are so blessed to have had you capture such an amazing and long time coming moment for Dan and I and we couldn’t have asked for more. It can be so difficult to capture all the overwhelming emotions that are occuring in one’s heart and mind on a life changing day like this, where you decide to spend the rest of your life with another, but somehow you managed to take it all in and produce the most heartfelt and exquisite photos one can never imagine.

Your talent…fascinating, your photos…brilliant, your caring and heartwarming way of being…words cannot express.

Thank you, lots of love xoxo Sole & Dan MacDougall

Lauren & Ben
Cortes Island, August 28, 2009

Erin Wallis gets it. She knows how difficult a wedding is to plan. She understands it is a special, once in a lifetime day. And she captures all the emotion and love of that day with such ease. Erin is a breath of fresh air and we cannot sing her praises enough.

We got married on Cortes Island in August 2009. While we chose the locale for its beauty and sentimentality (my husband’s mother was raised on the island), planning a wedding on a remote island from our home in San Francisco was complicated and stressful. Leading up to the wedding, Erin was both helpful and responsive and as soon as she arrived on the big day, we both knew at once that the photography was not something we were going to have to worry about. Erin is energetic, friendly, and completely professional. She has an artistic vision for every scene and knows how to go about capturing it. Most importantly though, she is equally adept at capturing the incredibly romantic images as she is at wrangling the family and friends together for the group shots, which on our day, was no easy task.

As many others have stated, Erin’s pictures speak for themselves. We love our photos and looking at them brings us instantly back to that day. I don’t know how she did it, but she captured the love and emotion of the day with each shot. She knows what people want in their wedding photos and goes about capturing all of those special moments without even needing to be asked. Our wedding was so much more perfect than what we could have imagined, and Erin being there and taking the pictures she did were a huge part of that. Thank you Erin.

Lauren & Ben

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 12.21.02 PM.png

Tara & Glenn
Vancouver, July 19 2009


When we first saw our photos, we were stunned. I kept repeating to Glenn – I love them! I LOVE them!

For Glenn and I, our wedding day was magical – it was everything we could’ve hoped for and more. What was absolutely incredible was how the memories that we created that day were captured in time through Erin’s photographs – the family and friends who mean so much, the beauty of the setting and of the day, the natural emotions, and the real moments. We love the way she was able to capture the small, simple and subtle things that are filled with so much meaning – a look, a laugh, a hug, holding a hand, a shared moment. We looked at the photos again and again, in awe of how all of the most important things to us about our wedding day came through in the photographs, and how incredibly talented Erin is to have captured them.

Erin has a personality that makes everyone feel at ease. Glenn and I found ourselves so easily lost in moments together even though Erin was nearby by taking photos. She has an incredible way of working with groups of people that is fun, relaxed, and efficient, which, when you have so many photographs to capture and a limited amount of time, are absolutely essential skills! She made it look easy! She was able with ease to reach out to even the toughest and most reticent family members and find smiles and glimpses of true personalities, making everyone laugh throughout the process.

Glenn is a photographer himself, and, although he hadn’t met her before, after seeing some of her photographs, there was no question in his mind that Erin was the right photographer for our wedding. He had seen the photographs from my sister’s wedding and was incredibly impressed. From the start, Erin went out of her way to fit us in to her busy summer schedule and agreed to come all the way to Vancouver for our wedding – and for this we are both incredibly grateful.

Erin is an incredibly talented photographer and it meant so much to have her be a part of our wedding day. We cannot put into words how amazing it is to have our beautiful memories so magically captured and conveyed through Erin’s photographs.

Without a doubt or hesitation, we would recommend Erin to others!

Tara Black & Glenn Stark

Katie & Brandon
Quadra Island, July 25, 2009

When Brandon and I became engaged we knew only one detail about our wedding day a year a half away. We wanted you, Erin Wallis and only you. Erin, you did not fail to impress. It was a complete honour and privilege to have been able to work with someone of you caliber. Every person who has seen our photos has had their breath taken away in gasps of utter delight and awe at the incredible beauty and magic of your work. One friend exclaimed, when she got her breath back, that your photos are true works of art.

I think that what impresses me the most is your uncanny ability of capturing real, raw emotion. The way you shot us was so real. You can see it in every photo! Not once did we feel posed, or uncomfortable, or directed or as if we were being photographed at all. Every photo conveys the true raw emotions and feelings of the moment. You really photographed us, Brandon and me the couple. You captured the intense love, connection and passion between us, and I thank you so much for that. Because of you there is not a chance of me forgetting.

I can’t even think of a word powerful enough to describe you. Passionate, genuine, brilliant, kind, caring, loving, creative and professional. All at the same time! You are just so wonderful. I really don’t know how you do it. You are truly amazing and I feel absolutely blessed to have shared the happiest day of my life with you. Thank you!!!

Katie and Brandon

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Kimberlee & Family

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Hi Erin

I’m a Pediatric Palliative care nurse I working with dying children and their families, it’s what I do and I love my job. I’m constantly inspired by strength, resilience, perseverance and overwhelming love of the individuals I work with. Sometimes I get caught up in trying to take away the pain, nausea, bleeding or managing of the lines but usually at some point I can’t ignore the magnitude of the feelings around me I have to open myself up to them, they just can’t be ignored.

I worry that one day I won’t remember every single little soul I’ve said goodbye to and I wonder if their parents, grandparents, sisters, brothers, aunts and uncles feel the same. If I could give each family a gift I’d give them and hour with YOU and your profound ability to capture true love in your photos so they could stare at their pictures the way I have been at mine for as long as they need to forget the pain, sadness and all the rest of it and see they will always be surrounded with love.

These parents truly know the meaning of priceless and in return make me appreciate the undeniable value of your work. It’s worth every penny and a hundred times more.

Sometimes people say “Life is too short to have regrets” and I think yes, yes it is too short but having regrets is just learning from our mistakes. I regret having waited so long before stepping in front of your camera with my family. We surely will not wait so long ever again.

Our photos are unreal, a treasure I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Endless thank yous!

Much love

The Windle Family

I love Erin, the person and the photographer. The first time we met I instantly felt a connection; she’s just one of those people you feel like you’ve known forever and feel comfortable being yourself around. Her images are beautiful and powerful and I truly LOVE them! She recently photographed my crazy extended family of 14, including a couple of hyper little boys, two somewhat reluctant toddlers and a few camera nervous adults. She got us ALL to look at the same time and captured the love we feel for each other in images that we will treasure forever. Along with her amazing talent, Erin is a person who truly cares about others. She adjusted her schedule and the shooting location when the weather became an issue and agreed to photograph us on her day off as she knew my family only had a short window of time available. To top off her amazing customer service, she presented us with 28 “sneak peeks” less than twelve hours later! She said she was excited to see how they turned out and I believe her. Her enthusiasm and passion for her craft shows through in her work! Thank you for being you, Erin!
Kim Windle

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