kind words

So honoured that all of these beautiful humans have chosen me to document such incredible memories in their lives. Here are a few words from my brides and grooms to hopefully help you get a better idea of who I am and how I operate through their eyes, and my lens. ox

Ali and Mike
Gowlland Harbour Resort, BC,  August 27 2018

“When Mike and I decided to get married, I knew even before planning the wedding who I wanted to photograph our day! We wanted a stress free, non-traditional wedding day, and Erin was the perfect choice to capture it.”

Laura and Mike
Black Rock Resort, BC,  February 21 2018

“And now, as I knew would happen, a year later the memories of the day are already starting to fade, but every time I see a photo, Erin’s gift reminds me of the greatest day of my life.”

Steph and Steve
Tofino, BC,  January 14 2017

“You can feel the love and passion while looking through her photos. When I look at our wedding album under our coffee table, I get all the same goosebumps I had that day. Our photos will be forever cherished”

Jana and Craig
Tigh-na-Mara, Parksville BC 

“Driving home that night, my husband told me she was worth every penny.   This was before he saw any pictures from that day. Just her presence, and the experience of working with her, he was confident in our decision.” 

Taylor & Brandon
Sea Cider Victoria BC,  July 31 2016

The variety and emotions of the shots is something truly amazing and special. Erin knows exactly the right angles and ways to capture beautiful moments. She even found an old ladder and lugged it around the orchard to get the best shots!

 Kristin & Jesse Dolphins Resort, August 31 2014

“Not only are literally every one of your pictures a work of art, you are also such an amazing person to have at a wedding. So calm, so fun and so full of energy  - it's impossible not to smile when you're behind the camera.”

tofino wedding

Michelle & Martin
Tofino, July 10, 2012

“All I can think of is this: that you know love, Erin. You know it. You must. Because everything you capture, all of the art that you make, is rendered through that lens. It’s what makes your work so beautiful, it’s what makes YOU so beautiful.”

campbell river wedding

Theresa & Nathan Campbell River, BC


I don’t even know how to start! You are such an amazing person, and we feel so fortunate. Words can’t express just what you do, so involved and caring but in the most non-intrusive way. I was so nervous and I had no idea my emotions would bubble to the surface like they did that day. I wasn’t expecting so many things that day, tears for so many reasons, they just came, with no control. Something so vivid sticks out in my memory, standing in my parents bathroom, emotions taking over, and hearing your calm voice saying, “just breathe”. As I walked down the aisle, I could hear the same amazing voice in my head saying, “just breathe”, it calmed me and settled me so I could experience the most amazing moment of my life. You do more than take pictures Erin, and we are so thankful you were with us! Simply put, you are the very best, not just for your breathtaking photos, but for your beautiful personality. You added so much to our day, and we can’t thank you enough.

Theresa and Nathan
P.s. Don’t you ever sleep?? haha We were so thrilled to receive those pics the night of our wedding, drinking champagne, huddled around the iPhone in our hotel room, they recaptured our day completely, thank you for sharing pics with us so soon!

Tesia and Adrian
Gowlland Harbour Resort, BC,  September 8 2018

“So even though we were expecting gorgeous images, we are still absolutely stunned by the photos we have seen of our wedding so far. Somehow, as well as beautiful composition, you have managed to capture the feeling of the day...”

Katelyn and Kevin
Campbell River,  Sept 9 2018

“I knew she was my dream photographer.  She was my ONE wedding must have. How she manages to find the light and capture the most elegant, beautiful and emotionally raw moments.” 

Robyn and Kane
Dolphins Resort, Campbell River BC, August 20 2016

“It was so easy to be present and enjoy each moment knowing that Erin was always one step ahead of us and constantly creating magic through her creativity and attention to detail. “

Ursula & Ian
Campbell River BC, April 4 2015

“you went above and beyond our expectations. The weather was cold and windy but you kept us all engaged and never once wavered in your willingness to do whatever it took to get the perfect shot. “

Carly & Bobbi
Ucluelet, May 31 2014

“ lowered your camera, and said, "This is what I love. This moment is already gone, but what I think about is 20 years from now, when you will still have it." That is exactly why we chose you. Everyone can feel that through your work.”

Markie & Nathon
Campbell River, July 13, 2013

“We found her digging through family treasures and piecing our life together into perfect little vignettes like she had known us all for a lifetime. My Mom whispered, “She is an old soul, just like you.”

Sole & Dan,
Victoria, August 13, 2011

“capture all the overwhelming emotions on a day like this, But somehow you managed to take it all in and produce the most heartfelt and exquisite photos one can never imagine. Your talent…fascinating, your photos…brilliant, your caring and heartwarming way of being…words cannot express.”

relaxed wedding

Katie & Brandon
Quadra Island, July 25, 2009

When Brandon and I became engaged we knew only one detail about our wedding day a year a half away. We wanted you, Erin Wallis and only you. Erin, you did not fail to impress. It was a complete honour and privilege to have been able to work with someone of you caliber. Every person who has seen our photos has had their breath taken away in gasps of utter delight and awe at the incredible beauty and magic of your work. One friend exclaimed, when she got her breath back, that your photos are true works of art.

I think that what impresses me the most is your uncanny ability of capturing real, raw emotion. The way you shot us was so real. You can see it in every photo! Not once did we feel posed, or uncomfortable, or directed or as if we were being photographed at all. Every photo conveys the true raw emotions and feelings of the moment. You really photographed us, Brandon and me the couple. You captured the intense love, connection and passion between us, and I thank you so much for that. Because of you there is not a chance of me forgetting.

I can’t even think of a word powerful enough to describe you. Passionate, genuine, brilliant, kind, caring, loving, creative and professional. All at the same time! You are just so wonderful. I really don’t know how you do it. You are truly amazing and I feel absolutely blessed to have shared the happiest day of my life with you. Thank you!!!

Katie and Brandon

Melissa and Aaron
Black Rock Resort, BC,  June 8 2018

“we knew that finding the perfect photographer would be the most important part, and I'm so glad we found you.  Thank you for helping make our perfect day something we will never forget.”

Akane and Justin
Chestermans Beach , Tofino BC July 19 2017

“Everyone couldn't stop raving about you!! You brought so much warmth, and good humor, and fellow mama energy, and put us all at ease in a way that I don't think anyone else could have.”

Tessa and Bradley
Park Side Hotel, Victoria BC, August 6 2016 

Within minutes of our first meeting, we knew that we had chosen the right photographer. Erin's vibrant energy and unfailing positivity made us comfortable in front of a camera which we were doubtful was even possible!

Jenna & Curt
Ucluelet BC, September 12 2015

“We couldn't imagine having our wedding day captured by anyone else. Everyone cannot stop talking about how great you are, and how unique and inspiring it is to see a photographer get as involved and connected as you do.”

Nadine & Jesse
Kitty Coleman, Comox BC, July 2015

“It is not every day you meet someone who has tapped their potential in a way that not only brings such unbelievable joy to so many people, but also encourages immense self-reflection.”

Katie & Andy
Duncan, July 26 2014

“WOW. I am speechless. I am your talents were there to capture the beauty and love that we knew was there. There isn’t another person alive that could have done it better or even come close.”

Amy and Ryan
Parksville, September 4 2013

”She was amazing at relating to everyone at the wedding and getting the best pictures of them that she could. She could calm anyone that was feeling a bit nervous and she was willing to do anything to get amazing shots. I trusted her vision completely”

sunset lovers

Tara & Glenn
Vancouver, July 19 2009

When we first saw our photos, we were stunned. I kept repeating to Glenn – I love them! I LOVE them!

For Glenn and I, our wedding day was magical – it was everything we could’ve hoped for and more. What was absolutely incredible was how the memories that we created that day were captured in time through Erin’s photographs – the family and friends who mean so much, the beauty of the setting and of the day, the natural emotions, and the real moments. We love the way she was able to capture the small, simple and subtle things that are filled with so much meaning – a look, a laugh, a hug, holding a hand, a shared moment. We looked at the photos again and again, in awe of how all of the most important things to us about our wedding day came through in the photographs, and how incredibly talented Erin is to have captured them.

Erin has a personality that makes everyone feel at ease. Glenn and I found ourselves so easily lost in moments together even though Erin was nearby by taking photos. She has an incredible way of working with groups of people that is fun, relaxed, and efficient, which, when you have so many photographs to capture and a limited amount of time, are absolutely essential skills! She made it look easy! She was able with ease to reach out to even the toughest and most reticent family members and find smiles and glimpses of true personalities, making everyone laugh throughout the process.

Glenn is a photographer himself, and, although he hadn’t met her before, after seeing some of her photographs, there was no question in his mind that Erin was the right photographer for our wedding. He had seen the photographs from my sister’s wedding and was incredibly impressed. From the start, Erin went out of her way to fit us in to her busy summer schedule and agreed to come all the way to Vancouver for our wedding – and for this we are both incredibly grateful.

Erin is an incredibly talented photographer and it meant so much to have her be a part of our wedding day. We cannot put into words how amazing it is to have our beautiful memories so magically captured and conveyed through Erin’s photographs.

Without a doubt or hesitation, we would recommend Erin to others!

Tara Black & Glenn Stark