Elliot Patrick

Our son is here.Elliot Patrick arrived safely February 15th 2013 at 9:16am. He weighed 10 pounds 8 ounces and measured 23 inches long. Today he is 11 days new. So loved. So precious. I've heard a lot about "isn't the second one so much easier". To be honest... not really. I don't find it easy. I find it sweet. I find it challenging, just like the first time (in different ways). I feel just as raw, exposed and vulnerable. I feel like it may not be so much "unknown" as with Maisie... but I'm miles from SuperMom. I was so grateful to have Bryce home for the first week, and now with him back at work, we're working at settling into our own rhythms as a family and getting to know how it all works as a family of four. Here are a few images of our newly complete family of 4 (well Frank is 5, but my anxiety levels weren't ready for him in the photo shoot too). However, don't let the following images deceive you..... I actually still look 3-5 months pregnant (well hidden here). Feeling fragile, feeling like my body has just been through a battle. Feeling a little on the tender side (emotionally and physically). I cry at any and everything. Seriously. Tears galore. Of course, throughout it all... I am still, always, incredibly grateful. Just felt the need to add a disclaimer to all. The photos reflect the deep satisfaction and love I feel... even when we all don't look like this all the time. Beyond words, beyond expectations, just really feeling the deepest sense of gratitude for my little precious beings. Thank you all for the kind words and support and love. Some times... even in the middle of the night, while smelling my sweet baby boys little head of blonde hair... I just can't believe how beautiful life is.

As always, thank you so much to Shannon, for helping us capture these fleeting moments in time, in our life. A part of our story. Seriously grateful. oxxo I am your photo slave for life. oxxo


Holy. Wow. It's been a packed few weeks. I'm literally all over the island. Shooting my heart out. I'll share more when I can.... but for now... here is a re-cap of a few beautiful moments I've been a part of in the past 4 weeks. Crazy. Awesome. graduationmom and babies, outdoor photo of mom with kidsengagement photo outsideoutdoor family photonewborn baby photo in homeoutdoor family photo, outdoor photo of mom in grassoutdoor family photo of grandparents with kidsoutdoor family photo of grandparents with kidsengagement photos And a few amazing weddings..... Sarah and Blake at Crown Isle in Courtenay... and Shannon and Ryan in Nootka Sound....