Award winning photo

I was standing upstairs about to crawl into bed. It was almost past my 7 months pregnant bed time of about 10pm. I got a notification from twitter... that went a little something like this... "‏@VIWeddingRing @erinwallis just won award at @bcweddingawards!! Yay Vancouver Island!" I had entered a few images but was unable to get myself to the awards gala hosted in Vancouver. I thought... "what?" then...."oh. my".. then... "what did I win?" I messaged last years winner of BC Wedding Awards-Best Wedding Group Photograph the talented Michael Wachniak of Vancouver (who also used to work for Princess Cruises and worked along side many of my favourite colleges although we never worked together directly) and our conversation went a little like.....

"9:51pm Erin Wallis Someone just tweeted that I won something??? at the awards??? Did I win something???

9:53pm Michael Wachniak Yes!!!! That group shot was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!"

I won. I had entered a shot that got more attention than any ever has on my facebook page and it won, I won?! WOW. So incredibly excited. Honoured. To be recognized among such talented, dedicated professionals is truly something I will be forever grateful for.

Have a peek at the other winners and finalists. Here at PROFESSIONAL BC WEDDING AWARDS I'm still kinda in shock, that my image is there. Shocked and happy. Grateful. Thank you to Laura from the Wedding Ring from picking up my award for me and brining it back to Vancouver Island. Just full of thanks. ox

Monday Morning, with love.

I'm doing a project right now and the fella I'm doing it with, (details to come later) asked me to think about "why I do what I do". Oh ya, I thought, no biggie... I spit out about a million ideas, and sentences and stumbled around them for a while. I wrote some things down, and everything pretty much says the same thing.

My girl Shannon took the above photo of me yesterday morning during a really special family photo shoot. A seriously wonderful family. The mom, (hugging me here) has just gone through some major health issues over the past few months. Her three sons and their beautiful families live from Campbell River to Fort McMurray. Everyone got together. To just 'be' together. The gratitude poured out from everyone, but mostly from Bev. Their beautiful mom. It makes me an emotional wreck when I see her burst into tears when I suggested doing a photo of her with the grand babies. So, when the shoot is over and she comes in for the biggest hug ever, you know... that what you are doing, means something. The photo above, pretty much sums up my "why" I do what I do.

I'll share more from this beautiful session soon. But this morning, I've just got to play with my wild two year old who is currently playing (or something like playing) her toy piano with fishing plugs. This girl's got personality. Me on the computer this morning is just NOT going to fly with her.

But, just before I go, I am also INCREDIBLY excited to share that Stacey and Eddie's breathtaking wedding is being featured on Style Me Pretty today. As if that isn't a great way to start a week.

So grateful, so blessed. So honored. Have an amazing week. I'll be back. oxxo

Out like a lamb?

In the past two days a lot has happened. In the middle of the night approaching March 12 2012 we awoke to the sound of incredible winds crashing into our house. Our entire house was shaking. We are west coasters, we are no strangers to storms, we welcome it, love it even. This one, however... was brutal. We were quickly reminded by mother nature who was indeed, in charge. March 12 until about noon, was a blur of power outages, reports of the devastation around town. {SEE CAMPBELL RIVER WINDSTORM IMAGES HERE}

Yesterday, was my 33rd birthday. I turned 33 years old during one of the worst windstorms in Campbell River's history. Kind of wild.

This morning, as planned I started potty training our almost two year old {someone give me strength} and in somewhat humorous fashion as I was cleaning up messes and 'accidents' in our own home as a somewhat disheveled mother {OKAY TOTAL WRECK OF A MOTHER} I also was featured on an amazing mommy blog "On to Baby" which was created by the ever popular "Wedding Chicks". It is Tiffany and Bradens maternity session, a total favorite of mine and It is so amazing to be recognized and featured by some truly inspired and lovely ladies. I am so grateful!!

Over the past few wild days there were numerous {countless} accidents inside our house as well as outside. I am grateful that the only accidents we were involved with included the potty... inside our home.

As I enter my thirty fourth year in this life I am aware of one thing only, this year has potential. Potential for anything, everything or for nothing. The choice is mine. Thank you so much for your love, your well wishes and for your comments, your "likes" and all things in between.

I've also come across a few of my images online from sources that surprised me. I've found pinners {on Pinterest} sharing my images, and I like to see my images shared and loved by others. I thought it would be nice for me to have a board of images I've come across of mine, on Pinterest shared by others. If you are interested, the images I've found are here ps....Dear beautiful, bountiful universe and all professional mothers everywhere... please wish me all things glorious from potty training goddesses everywhere.

Style Me Pretty Canada Feature

I'm really excited to have such a beautiful wedding featured on Style Me Pretty Canada today! CLICK HERE TO SEE THE FULL FEATURE A fabulous way to celebrate my upcoming 33rd birthday! May your weekend be FULL of all things extraordinary.

Style Me Pretty

So thrilled to have Paula and Jordan's breathtaking wedding featured on Style Me Pretty today.

Their wedding was extraordinary, the Dolphins Resort magical and the weather divine. So happy to share, and thrilled that the Style Me Pretty girls thought it was fabulous too!!!

I think you should check it out here, on the STYLE ME PRETTY CANADA blog.