Clothing Choices for Photographs

There are many variables that will make up your family photographs. The season, time of day, weather, clothing and of course the uniqueness of the family. Every session takes on its own life, how? YOU. Your outfits, your family, YOUR personalities.

Need some help choosing your outfit(s) for family photos... look no further. I'm finally ready to post about this.

1. Think about where you'd like these images displayed in your home. Look at your living room's color palette. If your family session is in the fall with glorious colors and rich reds and browns and oranges, but those colors don't necessarily match the decor or look you are going for in a specific area of your home... maybe re-think the choices. Maybe something more airy and light suits that space better. Or, change the room and paint entirely, just to suit the photos. Just be aware that you will eventually be displaying your images in your home. Hopefully forever.

2. Choose a favorite piece of clothing. I often base our outfits off of one article of clothing, and lately it's all based off of Maisie's outfits. I'll choose an outfit I adore and build our clothes around hers.

3. Avoid obsessing about it. Day dream, yes... stress NO. It's easy to google "clothing choices for family photos" and instantly become overwhelmed with the super cool outfits the matchy match things and the crazy hype of it all. However, some of my favorite family images are just timeless in their simplicity as well.

4. Bring something else. Even if it's just a bag with a few "maybe's" Sometimes what you don't think will look great in a photo, will end up being amazing in a photo. Bring it and we'll work on it together! I always bring a bag of my favorite tops/pants etc. To be honest my whole house looks like a disaster after a family shoot because I have ripped out every piece of clothing I have and tried it all on, then thrown the rest onto my bed. Done the same with Maisie's etc.

5. Think about your location. If you've chosen a beach setting.. heels might not be your first choice or whatever, they might be!!! We're west coast girls around these parts and heels are generally low on the list... but think about location and what you might normally be wearing there. OR, break the rules and dress right up.

6. Get inspired. Look online. In magazines. See what colors you love and maybe you have something in your wardrobe that is perfect. I have a board {CLICK HERE} on Pinterest dedicated to family photo clothing choices. They aren't all necessarily my choices, but you just might find something that inspires you in there.

7. Whenever possible. Avoid perfect matching. As temping as it may be to all dress the same (and easy) it really takes away each individual's uniqueness and personality to dress exactly the same. Same color tones are great, but not necessarily the exact same color. But again, if that is totally your thing. You go for it.

8. Seek help... There are a ton of posts online aimed at helping you make good choices... Ever watch TLC's What Not to Wear??? Here is also a great post about clothing choices by a Dallas photographer. Get your pal to come over (offering wine helps) and get her to give it to you straight. Bear in mind that it is also MY job to choose the most flattering angles and lighting to help out as much as possible.

9. Quit being so hard on yourself. 100% stop being so critical of yourself. You look in the mirror and see only flaws. I look at you and see your beauty. Promise.

10. Be comfortable, YOU and have fun. Stress looks like STRESS in photos. Love looks a whole lot like love. Once you arrive at your session and we get going... try as much as possible to let everything else go, and just "be" with your family. With your people. Your images will glow. Promise.