Hold onto your heart...

We've established that puppies are cute. I now know that I'm a big fan of puppies. Real big. So much in fact, that when Erin and Oliver contacted me to take photos of their brand new addition to their family... I couldn't stop thinking about it. Not to mention that their brand new pup Barley, is a Vizsla just like our little wild Franko (or Franklin or Frankie depending on your mood or HIS).

Yesterday Erin and and Oliver drove down from Victoria with their little ADORABLE pup. They confessed that while they were waiting for Barley to be delivered to them, they displayed a photo of my little Franko from my blog, as their screen saver... awwww. Everyone loves Frank! (well, maybe not the 8 year old boy in the trail last night that he wouldn't stop barking at... FRANK!!!) Erin and Oliver have only had him for 6 days! Barley is just 10 weeks old. I can NOT handle the cuteness.. oh and of course, I had to let Frank meet little Barley as that was him not very long ago!

There is something amazing about these images to me, as I not only see their happiness with their little guy, but also a reflection of the love that I feel for Franko, and that Bryce and I share with him as well.

Enjoy these images folks, and I am not responsible if these photos make you rush out and get yourself a puppy.... Vizslas have the BEST and softest ears Frank still chews his feet, looks like Barley does too Absolutely loved it when Barley played himself to sleep Ok one last one of Frank and Barley meeting over a tire...

Watching Franko Grow.

Those of you dog lovers, or Vizsla lovers out there in cyberspace may be curious to see just how much little Franko is growing. It is amazing to see the changes in not only appearance, but co-ordination, demeanor and quirkiness. His personality is amazing, and Bryce and I find ourselves falling more and more in love with him, daily. Here are a few recent images of the little guy, and our little family.