To grow a baby

Tiffany BradenYou may recall the beautiful Tiffany and handsome Braden from their amazing wedding in 2008. Knowing Tiffany for, forever its pretty fabulous to be carrying babies at the same time. Its also nice to get talking about the whole process. I've been thinking a lot lately about pregnancy.

As human beings, generally... we don't really know the first thing about actually growing a baby. I don't know how to make eyes, or hair, or more importantly vital organs, but apparently our bodies do. Women's bodies just know, and without any input from the brain, or logic or reason... a baby is created. That, in itself is incredible, and absolutely deserves to be celebrated. One thing I know for sure about pregnancy now, after going through the experience myself is that there are a whole lot of NOT very glamorous moments involved. It isn't just beautiful photos of a gorgeous belly and then a perfect little baby a month later. There is a lot of struggle, there are emotions, there are countless physical challenges, nervous breakdowns, tears, endless fears, worries and an amazing amount of 'firsts'. I absolutely get it.

More than ever, I now appreciate and realize the intense value in maternity photos. In capturing a glimpse of the beauty of growing a baby. The magic in setting aside the struggles and challenges, and just simply appreciating the beauty of what is happening within the female body. Not to mention, allowing a woman going through so much, to see herself in a different light... my lights.

There are big miracles in life, medical miracles, and unbelievable stories of survival against all odds. Its no secret that pregnancy is a miracle. But I also believe it is a miracle that we fall asleep at night and wake up breathing in the morning. That our bodies carry us around in this world day after day, put up with our clumsiness, bad habits and keep that heart beating and oxygen flowing, all without any intellectual input from us. We think we are cool, or in control, or clever... but at the end of the day we are nothing without our little beating hearts. So, along the same lines when carrying a baby inside your belly you can try and read as many books as possible, you can be the smartest in your prenatal class, know all the terms... but when it really comes down to it, we have very little control over our pregnancies. Our bodies will grow these babies, and then deliver them. Wild.

Here are some of my beautiful friend and her husband a month before their due date. I'm so excited to meet your little one, and see what a marvel you've created together. oh the lightstunningTiffany Braden WhiteSo prettyTiffany and handsbaby boy white shirtssnuggleTiffany