Horseshoes and moments of sunshine

I'm not sure how to say this without jinxing myself, but... rain drops that turn into a perfect hour long photo shoot... are my favorites. Always. Thank you Laura for sharing your beautiful family with me! So in love with the image of the girls together. I imagine them 40 years from now, looking at that photo of themselves, laughing... carefree... children. And smiling. It's images like these that give me a deep sense of satisfaction, love and fuel me to create more, always.


RyWhat a better way to start off Valentines Day, than with a super cute family of three! Meet Jeanine, Bryce and their little man Ryland. Really looking forward to their wedding this summer at Dolphins Resort, here in Campbell River. Oh Ryland... you are SO CUTE! Happy Monday, hope you had a wonderful weekend and are en route to a fabulous week. sweetness I can't handle how cute this photo is. I believe little Ryland is making faces at Auntie Erin! ha! hilarioussmileyfamily lovecutielittle bit of lovingwalk away And, no more photos please lady! and we're done No one wants to end a post with baby tears... so we'll leave you with a rather adorable little baby smile instead! happy