Kaleena and Matt

Right, we've been over that my 2011 couples are amazing. But, lets go over it again. I love them. I am lucky.

Kaleena had an idea of what they wanted for locations, and let me run wild with my ideas. I love what we came up with, and them! Stay tuned for their June wedding in Duncan, BC. Matt claims to have some amazing locations in store for me, for their wedding images. It's on!! Can't wait!

Tina and James...

Over the weekend, I met up with a few of my fabulous 2009 wedding clients!

Before unveiling Tina and James' images, I need to say that I truly believe, that my clients are the best. NO, I'm serious... I feel that the people who gravitate towards my work, my passions, get me... they want the images, that my darling father would always say things like "but they have no heads" about. (nothing wrong with that dad, but I like how images make me feel, heads or no heads)

There is nothing wrong with a photo of two people standing awkwardly smiling at a camera. (Ok, of COURSE there is something wrong with this) It just truly isn't my style, I can do it (hence Princess Cruises photographer for 6 years)... but I don't like it, not even for a second. It makes my soul feel shriveled and dried up and crunchy. I get a few inquiries from those who may be after the stand and say cheese shots... but it usually ends up not working out. (phewf) Leaving me with clients who want me to be creative, to let me run wild with my ideas, and who even come armed with their own ideas. I encourage awesomeness. Those of you with ideas, and creativity. I find that you waltz right into my life, and then, we can create beautiful images together. Ahhhh, yup, you all are great. Thank you for letting me explore life, love and beauty through you, and through my lens.

Here along the beautiful Campbell River we created the following images...