Kaleena and Matt

Right, we've been over that my 2011 couples are amazing. But, lets go over it again. I love them. I am lucky.

Kaleena had an idea of what they wanted for locations, and let me run wild with my ideas. I love what we came up with, and them! Stay tuned for their June wedding in Duncan, BC. Matt claims to have some amazing locations in store for me, for their wedding images. It's on!! Can't wait!

Jessica and Roger

What a better way to start off Monday morning, than a few images from Jessica and Rogers amazing engagement session.

Immediately, I loved them! Up for anything, and completely happy to let my creative mind go wild and free for some not so conventional portraits. I love when my couples are able to stretch themselves for something different, fresh and wonderful!

This session has gotten me incredibly excited for a whole lot of Vancouver Island weddings! A note to all of my 2009 Weddings, to email me and set up your engagement session, before its too late!

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Love this first shot of Jessica. So beautiful! Their connection was amazing, and I just love this image Love her on her tip toes On our way to the second location... I remembered these stone tunnels, and put the brakes on, luckily they were up for anything, and look what we created! Love the intimacy and laughter