Michelle and Martin.

At times I feel like it's incredibly hard to put into words what it means to me to be a part of such intimate, personal moments in people's lives. I just feel so deeply honored. Especially during an elopement. THEY CHOSE ME. And, virtually no one else. WOW. I mean. Wow. So so so honored.

I put a lot out into the world. Personal stuff. Emotional stuff. Things that make me a little vulnerable and sometimes just downright uncomfortable. Why. Well, ideally...I do it to connect with and attract the perfect clients for me. Clients who, when I first meet them, feels like I've known them forever. Emails between us seem like they are between old friends, not complete strangers.

My photography business is not just a way to make a living. I view it as my profession, yes and I am so grateful to make a living from it. But, 'work' is also 'life' and my life. I value my time. My time here on earth, my time away from my family. If my time at 'work' is more meaningful, more beautiful and spent with people who 'get' me, and love me before even meeting me. Well, then I'm onto something really incredible.

If, in the whole process, I can capture something meaningful. Something magical. Something precious... for my clients. Then, that is just remarkable. I felt an INSTANT connection to Michelle and her desire for an incredibly intimate Tofino, British Columbia elopement. On the beach. Just them. LOVE IT. LOVE THEM.

On a private beach, with not a soul in sight... they shared heartfelt vows, laughed, cried and even pinky swore. It was absolutely inspiring and lovely. I was swept off my feet. To top everything off... we headed to "Tacofino" a mexican food truck just outside of Tofino. BEST. IDEA. EVER. Seriously. Seriously. Best. If I were to say how I wanted my eventual "wedding" to be... this, is likely it.

If you were interested in what amazing things Michelle said to me after viewing a gallery of my favorites from our time together.... check out HERE. I hope you are swept off your feet by them as much as I was....am. ox