Due dates and gratitude.

Today is my due date. This little boy if he was listening to the ultrasound tech, is supposed to arrive today. These entire 40 weeks they say "February 7". I tried to initially trick myself and say I was due on February 14. That wore off. I'm due today, and here I sit... baby still happily hanging out in my belly. This time is a bit easier, I must confess. I was 7 days overdue with Maisie and thought each day was a new and cruel game the universe was playing on me. This time, I know the reward... so I wait. I distract. I distract some more (thank you online shopping and Bamboletta), try and play mind games with this unborn babe. "Nah, take your time." I realize there are reasons for everything. I am absolutely not complaining. All is well. But, any woman who goes 'over due' knows that it is one of the more challenging waiting games you are faced with... until of course... the little miracles decides to make the grand appearance, and then suddenly... all is forgotten (or sort of). The pay off is worth it, the wait is worth it. But, if one more person says "almost there" to me.... things might get ugly. I get it. I'm almost there. I won't be pregnant in two weeks. (although a little sooner entry would be nice). So my little boy, come out when you're ready... but be nice to your mommy. Maisie tells me "he's too big to come out". I think "thats great sweetie". Just great. To all you mommas out there growing these little beings... be grateful. Even when it gets rough. Be grateful your body is able to carry these little wonders into the world. There are so many mommas who would do anything to be in our shoes. Be grateful. Perhaps as another distraction I'll do some more maternity photos today. But for now... the above photo is one from a couple weeks ago. I feel as though I've doubled in size... but, thats just how I roll. (the photo below is precious to me. Its been my view lately, and I love it.) ox