if you do.

There are many things in life you have to do. You have to brush your teeth or your teeth may fall out from sugar bugs, you have to eat your veggies, pay your taxes (ugh), eat, drink plenty of water, do dishes, laundry, clean the house, go to work, and pay your bills. You don't have to dream. You don't have to create. You don't have to. But you might choose to.

My grandma (we call her Grannie Goodheart) is 86 years old. I spontaneously decided to do a four generations photo shoot on the day Goodheart gave birth to my mom, and many years later I gave birth to my little girl. The whole week sort of turned into birthday week, it was awesome. Goodheart was dragged around to all sorts of events, and we didn't have to have another family dinner, or gathering, or anything. But we could, so we did.

If YOU DO, you could end up getting a text from your sister (who lives with your grandma in Victoria, BC) of a photo of Grannie Goodhearts calendar after she came home from her week stay with you. {See image below} My sister Kaylee texted that photo to me and said "Looks like Grannie had a good time in Campbell River." My heart nearly exploded. I had no idea it meant so much.

You don't have to do much really, you can go on with your life, just doing what you have to do. You don't have to make someone's day. But if you do... it might end up being the "best week of {their} life". Or yours. The photo above left my entire family speechless. We all have family obligations, we all do what we do daily. Sometimes we realize the effect it may have on someone, other times we are completely unaware of what our impact might be. Another amazing thing to me, is that Grannie wrote that, on her calendar. Kaylee could have just walked right by it, and never cared or bothered to look at it, but she noticed, she let me know, and know I feel seriously moved to pass it on. Amazing. We are all intricately connected. All of us.

You don't have to, but if you do {something sweet, kind, meaningful}... it just might brighten someone's day, or life. Love you Grannie Goodheart, we are all so lucky to have you in our lives. xoxo (one million thank you's to Shannon for being extra amazing and helping us make these photos happen. You are a part of the awesome. oxox) And, I've also just announced a spontaneous mini session to happen on April 22 (this coming Sunday) info on my Erin Wallis Photography Facebook page! (few spots still left)