Sean and Julie

I have been the worst blogger ever lately. I realize it. I have reasons. I swear. I'm almost ready to announce why... But until I have the perfect image to go with the post.... I'll hold off for a few more days. (Whats a few more days) For those of you that have been checking in and seeing the same images, my apologies! I'll do better.

Sean and Julie just ooze sweetness. He was a little nervous, but looked put together. Handsome. She was lovely. Calm, smiling and hugging all of her nieces and nephews. Taking it all in. Their ceremony was lovely, full of personal touches and "them". My favourite part of the entire wedding may have been the story. Their story, being told to all of their guests. Best. Part. Beautiful. So personal, so sweet.

Tigh-na-mara has been on my list of favourite Vancouver Island wedding destinations, and once again Suzanne and Tigh-na-mara was amazing, and don't even get me started on how much I loved the flowers by the ever awesome Petal and Kettle in Parksville. Total dream team. If you want your wedding to be relaxed and beautiful... you may be in luck with Tigh-na-mara.

Hope your Monday is full of beautiful, and if it's not... I betcha you just need to close your eyes, count your blessings and have another look. ox