Olivia is one.

A first birthday is special. I'm not sure exactly what it is that makes it so special. Maybe it's that it is the first, or that it will never happen again. Or that you had no idea what to expect, but all of your expectations were exceeded and then some. Maybe it's a celebration of the most pure year of a life. Whatever it is...

Celebrating the first birthday of your first baby is one of the sweetest moments in life.

Sarah and Chris asked me to be a part of Olivia's first birthday by documenting her first cake, on her first birthday outside in beautiful Campbell River. They left the location up to me, and I immediately had a vision of an old quirky tree. I spent a few hours with my girl Maisie scouting out the perfect location for such a sweet session. I saw it, and immediately knew we would make beautiful memories there. I was so honored to be chosen to be part of such special, sweet moments in their lives. Happy First Birthday Olivia. May your life be filled with sweetness, always.