Born on the 5th of April.

It appears April 5th is a perfect day to be born. Not only was my little Maisie Lu born on April 5th, but my mom was also born that date (a few years prior).

I didn't want her to be born on my moms birthday. Not in a mean way, but in a "ohhh, I want her to have her OWN birthday." However, now that it has in fact happened. I realize how special it is. People are born every day. Every single day. In each moment, someone is born. There is no "new" day to be born. It's all been done before.

When your baby girl is born on your moms birthday. Consider it special. I do, now. I hope these two girls will continue to share many, many happy birthday's together for years to come. I want to do a photo shoot every year on (or close to) April 5th, to celebrate a unique Grandma/Maisie connection and to serve as a constant reminder that life is truly awesome.

Here is my baby girl and her grandma, born one year ago... on my moms birthday.