Oh Meigan!

little girl in tutu on the roadI used to work as a lifeguard/swimming instructor.

I would end up at the pool, irritated to be getting into my bathing suit, dreading the cold unfriendly water. Pick up my clipboard, scramble together a lesson plan and head down the deck begrudgingly. In every instance, no matter how bad my day had been, regardless of what kind of foul mood I was in at the time... as soon as those little people saw me, and started chirping in "hi teacher" with their ears poking out of their swim caps, goggles too big and crooked... it would have been inhuman not to brighten up. It was impossible to be cranky with 5 year olds eager to learn, eyes wide with excitement and anticipation. I would crack, smile and even laugh.

They got me. Every time.

My swim instructing days are long since over, and I often missed the innocence and pure beauty that kids bring to the world. How fitting then, that I photograph children now on a regular basis.

Yesterday I was having a bad day, one of those days. I was trying to pull myself around, pull my boots up... when along came Meigan and it all melted away. What a gorgeous little creation. What a joy to photograph. I hope you enjoy a few of my favorite images of a spirited, wonderful child, who in a blink of the eye, melted away any negativity and made me forget all about myself. What a fabulous job I have, and no, I don't miss the pool. smiling meigan in her tutu Little Gorgeous girl on a picnic table in a tutu meigan smiling ballerina running Little girl looking back