Chantelle and Ryan

Often times in my life, a word, phrase, saying or theme will be swimming around in my head. Sometimes for a few days, other times for weeks. This one has been dancing with me for a few weeks now. Authenticity. Or being Authentic.

As a photographer it is my job to be professionally prepared. The gear checked, contracts signed, insurance in place, the planning the timing all organized, and then... on the day, being open enough to let the inspiration and magic of a wedding day seep into the images.

Chantelle and Ryan's wedding was at the Maritime Heritage Center in Campbell River and we didn't have a lot of time for images. As it usually happens during a wedding, things were running a bit behind, and I wasn't sure if we'd have enough time for Elk Falls, like we'd talked about. The amazing pale yellow Buick Skylark that they had to drive them around, stopped running. We were staying put. I was secretly excited as I had found an amazing tree on the property just before the wedding. We ventured down to the pier, and then the beach. To my delight, an unplanned and perfect low tide had left us the most stunning tidal pool with an amazing reflection. Unplanned, and awesome.

While I was shooting Chantelle and Ryan, I said "I can't believe we almost left here. This is amazing. I have the most perfect reflection of you guys in the pool. Perfect!" I was freaking out and jumping around and getting all caught up in everything and Chantelle said "That is so weird. My parents have a photo of them with their reflection in a puddle from their wedding day." Unplanned perfection equalling truly authentic images. We proceeded to let the magic of their wedding day, and our planned but unplanned perfection sweep us away.

I have photographed many weddings at the Maritime Heritage Center. I will hopefully photograph many more, but the most amazing part to me, is that still... the photos can be different. Unique. Theirs. As with any location, I'll likely not be the first photographer to find it. Or to create images there... but those images, those settings in those moments. Were ours. I didn't find the location anywhere, but from my own inspired moments. I promise, images are always best this way.

Their energy, their love. Their family, friends, locations. All an amazing opportunity to create art, that is authentic. I am so blessed. Thank you both for sharing your moments with me, and allowing me to create images that I truly love.