2010 Favorites: Weddings

(Images Above... Kate and Sean. Gracefully easing me back into shooting a wedding not even three months after giving birth to Maisie Lu. No one's wedding would have been a more perfect beginning to 2010)

This. Was. NOT. Easy. Instead of doing a "Best of 2010". I decided to do a "Favorites of 2010" instead. This truly was not an easy task for me. I've chosen a selection from each of my 2010 wedding couples.

They are MY favorites. For a variety of reasons. My favorite characters, moments, smiles, tears, hugs, emotions and light. Going back through each and every wedding, I am quickly reminded of what I saw, who I connected with... what my 2010 was all about.

I've sat here speechless for the past few days looking through all of my 2010 wedding images. I remember what I was thinking when I drove up to each and every one. I remember where Maisie was. (Hotel rooms, with Bryce at the wedding, with Bryce at home, at grandparents etc) I remember it all.

Yes. There is something beautiful about being in the moment and looking to the future, but at times equally as profound can be reflecting on where you've come from.

Who's touched your life, and who's life you may have touched. What moments I've recorded. Witnessed. Shared. The decision was solidified.

I give you my favorite wedding moments of 2010.

Heidi and Danen. We laughed, and laughed, and at one point, I even told Danen that I should be paying him for his "artistic direction". Heidi saw my new mommy face and being the seasoned professional of two babies herself, she said... "call. Go ahead, call all you like, I don't mind. Just call and make sure she's ok" I didn't call... but I did text. Heidi, you are wonderful! I miss you guys!!! Jeremy and Bridget. Ultimate confession time!!! Their wedding wasn't blogged. Yes, I know... amazing friends, beautiful wedding... no blog??? Urg! I HAD A NEWBORN BABY!!! Please, go easy on me! I wasn't sleeping!!! There are so many images from their incredible day that I am so in love with. Being the amazing friends that they are, I was hoping they'd understand my trying to balance a baby and a wedding season. They did. I love them for it. But, I am thrilled to now, share a few of my favorites from their day. Alicia and Mark. Cape Mudge on Quadra Island was a perfect venue for these truly sweet souls. I loved being a part of your moments, and feeling all of the emotions right along with you all. Such an exquisite day. Ana and Aaron A wedding out of my Vancouver Island element, in Stanley Park, Vancouver... proved to be one of the most beautiful steps out of my comfort zone. Thank you both, for trusting and believing in me. Leah and Mike A wild crew, a fast tide, and a whole lot of fun. The highlight for me was Leah, without question leading her bridesmaids into the sea for me. Natalie and Mike A gorgeous Cortes Island wedding full of favorite images. But, Natalie and Mike's twins were truly the highlight for me. Their spirits light, sweet and brilliant. I am always honored to watch children witness their parents be married. Jeanine and Bryce I also didn't get a chance to blog this beautiful wedding at Dolphins Resort in Campbell River this year. The venue stunning, the wedding party perfect and the babies adorable! I loved watching Jeanine's mom and dad (who I've known forever) gaze lovingly and proudly at their baby girl getting married. Shevaun and Rod I would never pass up an opportunity to re-visit the Bird residence on Quadra Island. A perfect setting for another love infused day. My favorite part of their day was seeing the connection between them, and seeing them smile all day long. Crystal and Evan A rainy Quadra morning was the perfect day for Crystal and Evan to get married. Crystals grandpa might just be the best guy you've ever run across. He and I engaged in a ceremony 'shoot off' was definitely a favorite moment of mine. Full of meaning and thought, and inspiration, this wedding... was a highlight of my entire summer. Michelle and Jeff Seeing a new mom and dad with their little baby... heaven. I loved watching the love spiral between this gorgeous bunch. Cathy and David. It was just them. It was another highlight for me. Quiet. Serene and oozing with magic, I was honored to be a witness. Mel and Larry. So much can be said. I LOVE YOU MEL. As if you aren't the most wild, caring, thoughtful, WILD, awesome gal ever. I showed up to photograph her wedding and she had a gift for my baby... "um... HI.. I'm about to spoil you rotten with wedding photos". Now that's a way to make your photographer step it up a notch! All joking aside, she has contagious enthusiasm and just makes you want to give her anything, and more! Meg and Troy My baby cousin and her wonderful fella. The light was perfect, the couple blindingly in love, and everyone there was GORGEOUS. An amazing Victoria wedding. Love you guys. Heather and Andy Their Mayan Riviera wedding couldn't have been an ounce more perfect, or more them. It was exactly as they wanted it to be, and I am always honored to share such intimate moments with such important people in my life. Cherie and Jamie I always love weddings at The Black Rock Resort in Ucluelet, but this one was incredible. I instantly fell in love with Cherie, and her boundless spirit and ability to light up an entire room with her smile and laugh. It was full of awesome (and my sidekick Thelma, and our dogs came for a mini getaway to the resort, always a bonus). Stacey and Eddie The perfect ending to an amazing 2010 wedding season. For me, it wasn't just a wedding season though. It was all intertwined with my memories of being a first time momma. All of it was challenging, but all of you, my cherished wedding couples and clients and friends, made it all extraordinary. A perfect end to it all, of course is in Maui, with Stacey my pregnancy buddy, and Eddie. I can only hope that 2011 will be as amazing. Thank you all for joining me on the ride.