Sarah and Blake

There is so much to say about Sarah and Blake. I fell in love with her instantly. So caring and sweet and just oozed warmth. When we met, I saw how amazing her and Blake were together. Just so natural together, and so much fun. A few things were clear to me immediately. These families knew the real value of life, and are experiencing some really challenging circumstances, but were determined to make their event special for everyone involved. Knowing the sensitivity of their situation, I don't think I've ever cried harder during a father daughter dance. Completely unprofessional tears, huge ones, rolling down my cheeks. Just knowing how much all of these images mean to this beautiful family makes me so grateful for a profession that allows me to creatively and passionately capture moments that can never be replaced. I am so humbly grateful to have been invited into your beautiful wedding at Crown Isle Resort in Courtenay, BC.

On the morning of their wedding, there was sunshine clear skies and a half an hour before the ceremony it started to rain. Many couples would have freaked out, had fits... been upset. Sarah and Blake may have been a little disappointed to not have the ceremony outside, but you'd never know. I am a west coast girl. Have photographed likely over half of my fabulous wedding couples in the POURING rain (I will do a post eventually with my rainy day favorites just to prove it) Of course it is easier to photograph in the sunshine, or clear skies... but a little rain (or a lot) guarantees you get some unique moments! I'm not afraid to shoot in the rain. Rain is beautiful, reserved for the most intimate and lovely moments. Promise.

Sarah and Blake you guys rocked it. xoxo