A Stanley Park affair

When Ana contacted me last year regarding her wedding in Stanley Park for 2010, I was drawn in by her warm engaging energy. I instantly knew, we were a perfect match. A lot happens in the course of a year. On my end, I was busy planning baby rooms. In Vancouver, Ana was busy planning her dream wedding.

I arrived at L'Hermitage Hotel, along with my little family, with a distinct small town girl in a big city feeling. Would I be able to shoot here? Would the city swallow me up whole. I don't shoot a whole lot off the island, besides destination weddings. It is even more challenging now with a 3 and a half month old baby girl. However, I knew I had to be a part of Ana and Aarons wedding. I just knew.

Bryce and Maisie were all set up in our room, I was busy getting ready... Maisie having a small meltdown, me having never shot in the hotel or Stanley Park, or downtown Vancouver before, admittedly nervous. Would my images stand up. Would they be enough. Would I be able to remain composed in a new venue, new locations. Would I be inspired.

I entered Ana's room. Everything began to melt away. I was immediately submerged into a sea of exquisite details, beautiful energy, and was truly in awe of Ana's beauty. It's true that I see beauty everywhere. Even when it doesn't appear pretty right away. I was attacked by pretty on Saturday.

Ana and Aaron, thank you for having faith in my photography. For inviting me into your worlds, into the most intimate details of an extraordinary day. Your wedding was straight out of a magazine. Infused with all sorts of amazing. Thank you for choosing me to be a part of it. Ana... seriously? SERIOUSLY? STUNNING.

On a side note, it could have been easier, shooting here in Campbell River last weekend. But, challenging myself to step outside of my comfort zone this weekend... reminds me of something that I learned while traveling all over the world. I am a small town girl and photographer, but I can be anywhere in the world, and eventually feel right at home. I love this image of Ana touching up her moms makeup. I know this next spot in the rose garden is likely hugely overshot for weddings, but... I still like it.