Growing #2

It feels so different this time around. Growing life. Unexplainable really. I just feel like hibernating. Hibernating and growing this baby boy. Feel like any outing is a big deal, feel like I'm not really wanting to share many moments. Feel greedy with my time with Maisie. With our family of 3 plus Frank. Feel like I just want to cuddle up in our big cozy bed with my little family and just snuggle.... for days. Feel like all the time I have... is reserved for people who come with only love. Good intentions. Good hearts. I'm all about good hearts. In fact, I'm more about good hearts than anything else. Negativity sticks to pregnant girls like those little burrs that stick themselves onto your clothes unannounced in the woods. So, as much as possible I seem to be self preserving and avoiding the burrs. Essentially, I'm hiding out at home. It also has a lot to do with being close to my bath tub, which I swear I live in while pregnant. Our hydro bill is through the roof. But, it's just so cozy. Turning down perfectly awesome get togethers... Hibernating. There are times in my life when knowing a deep inner peace comes easily to me... and times when my skin is perhaps just a little too thin and needs a bit more armour to protect the peace. That is apparently, now.

I had the immense pleasure last weekend of photographing one of my favorite families in the snow, on their gorgeous little farm near my house. The snow was falling and I was OVERCOME with the complete magic of it all, and of their shoot... so much so, that I got in my car to leave, and texted my girl Shannon to see if she would photograph our little growing family in the snow. I just couldn't resist. (Around here snow usually lasts about 2 minutes before it turns to slush, so I knew our time was fleeting). Being the extra awesomely spontaneous gal that she is, she agreed. In fact her text read something like "Sure! Why not! Can do anything!!! Happiest elf!!!" Now... to convince Bryce. He walked in the door with Maisie and I gently proposed my idea... he paused and replied "sounds great". (He's a smart guy). We had nothing ready, were all battling colds, threw ourselves together... and ran out the door. Our shoot took about 30 minutes and I can't even stand how much I love them. I feel like they totally reflect how I feel right now. Who we are right now, and the snow, just melts me. (along with the extra bouncy and wild 2.5 year old). I love that if I hadn't done that amazing family photo shoot, I may not have been inspired to do more... I may never have texted Shannon at the exact right time for her to say yes, and we may never have these snowy maternity photos in the woods... as the snow was literally gone and turned to slush the very next day. "It is astonishing how short a time it can take for very wonderful things to happen". Truly. It is. I hope your Christmas and holidays were bright, merry, beautiful and full of a little hibernation too. Here we are, full of us. In a moment of snow and peace.

***So grateful for my wild friend Shannon who puts up with me bossing her into different locations and positions and asking her to 'leave more room behind' or "can you crop it more like this"... I must be soooo annoying! Thank you so much for putting up with me!!!! xooxoox I'm truly your photo slave for life! You are patient, kind and totally amazing. We love you. THANK YOU. OUR FAMILY IS SO GRATEFUL!!!****